The Kardashians will fight Caitlyn Jenner again? Kim doesn’t like her political views!

Kim Kardashian
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Caitlyn Jenner formerly known as Bruce Jenner and now as a transgender celebrity wants something more. She announced that she would run for the governor of California. Unfortunately, her political aspirations may have a negative impact on relations with her family. Kim Kardashian is already speaking out loud, which she doesn’t like!

Caitlyn Jenner appointed Governor of California? It is possible! There was information in the media that the celebrity wanted to fulfill this function. She is no longer satisfied with the title of the most famous transgender celebrity or the fact that she has published a book. Now she dreams of a political career.

Caitlyn Jenner wants to be the GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA! Will take part in the elections!

Caitlyn Jenner has yet to take the stool, and the tabloids are already buzzing about the deterioration of her relationship with her family. Although Caitlyn has had a difficult relationship with the Kardashian / Jenner clan since her gender reassignment, the fact that she wants to run for governor can make it even worse.

How it’s possible? Apparently, Caitlyn’s views are different from what she has Kim Kardashian. And as you know, in the famous family it is mainly she who leads the way. It is precisely about the reform of the prison system. It is a priority for Kim, she has been involved in helping prisoners many times, often with positive results. More than once, Kim had to ask the authorities for help in freeing the perpetrators.

This sequence of things does not quite like Caitlyn Jenner, who wrote on Twitter about her views.

According to her, the current governor of California is not doing it at all in this respect. The celebrity accused him of letting dangerous criminals out on the streets.

It is terrible and also avoidable. Gavin’s California District Attorneys are releasing dangerous criminals back to our streets. Enough. #RecallGavin

Kim Kardashian responds to Caitlyn Jenner’s words

Caitlyn’s statement did not appeal to Kim, who quickly responded to her words. Kardashianka believes that Jenner’s approach “hurts communities because it uses more taxpayers’ money and does not primarily address why people commit crimes.”

Unfortunately, such a different approach to one thing can divide Kim and Caitlyn. Earlier, the 40-year-old celebrity said she was very supportive of Governor Gavin Newsom and his approach to prison.

Do you think this will be another bone of contention?

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