The Kate Bosworth Movies That Don’t Get Enough Attention

After starring early in her career in hit films such as The Horse Whisperer (1998) and Remember the Titans (2000), American actress Kate Bosworth landed a starring role in Blue Crush (2002), a surf film , and soon after, she was cast as Lois Lane in Superman Returns (2006). Since then, she has appeared in several Hollywood productions which have found an affectionate echo with audiences and critics, such as Still Alice (2014).

But there’s an argument that Bosworth has more overlooked projects under his belt than well-known releases. This is despite the fact that he appeared with other talented actors, worked with top Hollywood directors, and performed well throughout the film. You’ve no doubt heard of one or two titles on the list, while others may seem more unknown to you. That said, these are seven Kate Bosworth movies that don’t get enough attention.

7Wild Indian

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A thriller, Wild Indian (2021) features Bosworth as the wife of the protagonist, played by Michael Greyeyes. And they share a great relationship as Greta and Michael Peterson. For those unfamiliar with it: Wild Indian follows Makwa, also known as Michael, first as a young boy of Native American descent, then as an adult with a child on the way. He was abused by his parents as a child, but he also got involved in covering up the murder of a classmate.

Now an adult, Michael and his childhood friend are forced to come to terms with their actions, and things turn sour. This plot paints harrowing images of an abused child growing into adulthood with the darkest memories of his past at the forefront of his mind. This is a tremendous effort on the part of Greyeyes. Everyone performs to a notable degree, with industry experts agreeing across the board. Wild Indian is arguably the highest-rated film on the list, with a 91% approval rating on critical consensus website Rotten Tomatoes. It doesn’t have the proper name value to reflect those scores, but now is the time for fans to take notice.


Lions Gate Movies

While not the best movie you’ll read today, Wonderland (2003) still has a lot of high-quality cinematic elements worth talking about. For starters: it features fantastic efforts from nearly everyone involved, including Val Kilmer as adult film actor John Holmes. Although he becomes an impossible figure to encourage, there is no denying the caliber of Kilmer’s craft. However, two other Wonderland performers stole the show: Bosworth as Dawn, John’s girlfriend, and Lisa Kudrow as his ex-wife Sharon.

That only scratches the surface of the most star-studded cast on the list, with other comedians including Dylan McDermott, Carrie Fisher, John Lucas, Christina Applegate, and more. There’s even a small representation of Paris Hilton. But perhaps what’s most worth noting, besides the aforementioned names, would be the structure of the story itself. Wonderland uses the Rashamon Effect, conveying its plot through multiple and conflicting perspectives. And while that of course pales in comparison to this Japanese classic, it’s still an interesting story with gripping performances across the board. It’s also rather underrated.

5 Home Front

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For an action-packed feature film starring Jason Statham in the lead, there’s no telling how this one didn’t make more money at the worldwide box office. Of course, the plot of Homefront (2013) sells itself from the start, with the first act featuring a rather lazy storytelling. This is one of those tales where every authority figure is seemingly stripped of common sense in favor of plot progression. But at the same time, Homefront is first and foremost an action thriller, light on character development and thematic resonance and more so focused on dazzling camera work and flashy fight sequences.

And for a film of this ilk, its cast plays to perfection. More importantly, the actress of the moment outshines Statham, James Franco and even Winona Ryder, with Homefront perhaps representing the pinnacle of Bosworth’s career. She brilliantly plays Cassie, the mother of a school bully who was beaten up by Statham’s character’s daughter. In fact, Bosworth’s efforts define the quality of the film – whether it’s the acting, the direction, the scriptwriting or the cinematography, his disarticulated performance steals the show, no matter what. the job you are considering. If you’re a Kate fan and may have considered Homefront another contrived action movie starring Jason Statham, it’s time to give it a shot.

4House of Darkness

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Appearing alongside husband Justin Long, this version should cement Bosworth as the rising Scream Queen. Of course, she produces the screams here in House of Darkness (2022). But thanks to other horror movies like Before I Wake (2016), The Devil Has a Name (2019), and yet another to follow on the list, the actress in question should definitely be considered among the ranks of Jamie Lee. Curtis and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Back to the movie in question: it follows Hap (played by Long), who offers to go home to Mina (this would be Bosworth’s character) in hopes of hooking up. A set shot of Mina Castle for a house should have been enough to send Hap packing. But alas, he enters the creepy hallways and encounters some unwanted faces along the way. The film holds firm in the sardonic cries that ensue in a scathing analysis of modern dating. House of Darkness is no ordinary horror movie, as it is arguably a comedy at its core. But in tandem with some legit laughs, this entry also creates a genuinely chilling atmosphere, and the plot of its premise will keep you hooked until the film’s final frame.

3 Servants

Orion Classics

Thrilling, hilarious and surprisingly poignant for a post-apocalyptic film, The Domestics (2018) follows the character of Kate, Nina, and her husband Mark, played by Tyler Hoechlin. And as the two traverse a gruesome landscape filled with dangerous factions called “Sheets”, “Nailers” and “Ploughboys”, the two don’t just fight other survivors – they also fight each other as they go through a period difficult in their marriage. .

It’s not the most compelling of subplots. But it does facilitate a seductive style of visual storytelling with inventive moments of aestheticized violence. It’s also a well-written script from a dialogue and character development perspective, with a few of the personalities present leaving indelible impacts on the viewer. Several scenes will also be. It is a brutal film and sometimes a little offbeat. But the gore is balanced by the humor to a convincing degree, with The Domestics being a surefire pick for the list of Kate Bosworth movies that deserve more attention.

2 straw dogs

Screen Gems

Filled with controversy from all viewers, this entry can no doubt be hard to watch at times. It follows a screenwriter named David Sumner (played by James Marsden) who moves with his wife (Bosworth’s character, named Amy) to her hometown in Mississippi. With high-caliber camera work, well-timed editing tactics, and career-defining performances from both leads, the tension rises palpably as the townspeople begin to threaten their lives. It gets violent, with one scene in particular catching the attention of fans and critics alike. But that shouldn’t hurt the quality.

A remake of Sam Peckinpah’s 1971 film of the same name, Straw Dogs (2011) was made this second time under the direction of Rod Lurie. Although it was also divisive upon its release, the original is considered in retrospect to be one of Peckinpah’s greatest works. It was just a bit as violent as the film in question, while this Lurie film hasn’t garnered the same respect over time. But he definitely should. This remake was championed by famous film critics like Roger Ebert upon its release, and rightly so. Here’s hoping fans catch on to its quality as a home invasion thriller.

1 On the way for the ride


In the small seaside town of Colby, everyone knows each other. Protagonist Auden (played by a lesser-known actress named Emma Pasarow) arrives to spend the summer with her father and his new wife, Heidi. The former parental figure is played by Dermot Mulroney, while Bosworth portrays the stepmother. And as Heidi likes to tell all Colby residents, she is very proud of her daughter-in-law’s accomplishments. Auden spends the summer in Colby living the faithful life of a teenager before leaving for Defries University, where she is on a scholarship.

She was so preoccupied with academia that she never had the average experience of her peers. And after meeting a boy named Eli, the eccentric protagonist of Along for the Ride (2022) embarks on a “quest” to indulge in activities she missed as a child. They play mini golf, see The Princess Bride (1987) at a drive-in movie theater, and share a tangible relationship every step of the way. Writer-director Sofia Alvarez’s screenplay facilitated perfect character development, and while the majority of the cast were of little value, everyone in Along for the Ride played their best. It’s not quite Bosworth’s peak, but it’s easily one of the best performances of his career. And overall, it’s the best film of his career that deserves more attention.

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