The kisses of the cinema that have us dreaming of being on the set!

On 6 July we celebrate the international kiss day! The world of cinema is full of you kiss who have made cinematic history and we often look forward to that exciting fateful one first kiss among the protagonists as the most important and beautiful scene of all, ours romantic spirit does not resist when we see the spark go off. And maybe someone has dreamed several times of feeling those emotions, of feeling inside a film or of being able to be in a specific one romantic scene.

The 10 best kisses from the world of cinema!

To celebrate the international kissing day we have collected 10 of most romantic scenes from the world of cinemathe ranking is random but don’t forget to tell us what your favorite kisses are!

  • Officer and Gentleman (1982)

When Zack Mayo (Richard Gere) in the final scene of Officer and Gentleman runs to the paper mill where Paula works (Debra Winger) and picks her up in princess style to start their new life together at last! And while they give each other one of the most passionate kisses ever, Paula’s friends cheer for her and applaud this perfect scene as the two walk away together, without breaking away from each other for a second! Was it also the charm of the uniform that made this kiss so appreciated by the public?

Who has never dreamed of replicating the famous upside-down kiss between Spider Man and Mary Jane? Could this be the most famous scene in Sam Raimi’s New York superhero movie? The allure of mystery, a superhero always casually nearby ready to save you, Mary Jane (Kristen Dust) hit the spot by winning Spider Man’s heart (Tobey Maguire) and a kiss that we all dream of!

  • Pages of our life (2004)

When thinking about how to recreate a famous kiss, the essential element is rain many times over. Thanks to the kiss between Allie and Noah in The pages of our life a real example of perfect kissthe moment in which the two protagonists declare their love never ended and kiss intensely in the rain, gave to Ryan Gosling And Rachel McAdams also the best kiss award at the 2004 MTVs.

A dream kiss, a dream kiss, this is the long-awaited kiss between Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) in La La Land. Slow, delicate and very romantic. It looks like a kiss from Disney fairytale but more intense and mature. In a riot of art and science, of dreams and reality, Mia and Sebastian finally manage to find the perfect moment for a perfect first kiss.

On the notes of Take my breath away one of the most famous declarations of love arrives, it is not he who declares himself, but her Charlie (Kelly McGillis) who after chasing Lieutenant Maverick declares his feelings to him and it all culminates with a beautiful passionate kiss between Tom Cruise and the actress, who donate Top Gun an unforgettable love story.

Can the story of a shipwreck coincide with one of the most engaging love stories in the world of cinema. Probably James Cameron never expected that after more than twenty years the scene of Jack and Rose’s kiss on the bow of the colossal Titanic it would have been played thousands of times on countless occasions. The awareness of an impossible love made the short romantic story one of the most timeless and even here the music of Céline Dion gave that extra touch to the kiss between Leonardo Dicaprio And Kate Winslet and we all think we’re flying when we see them again.

  • Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Even between cowboy love can be born and we have seen it in Brokeback Mountain Secretsa film that breaks down many taboos and tells one of the most intense and touching love stories in the world of cinema: the one between Jack and Ennis, respectively Jake Gyllenhall And Heath Ledger .

  • Lady and the Tramp (1955)

Who said butterflies in the stomach can only be experienced by watching two actors kissing? There Disney gave us one of the most tender and sweetest scenes ever: Lady and the Tramp and their iconic plate of spaghetti and meatballs. An embarrassed kiss full of pampering that has made us dream since we were children.

  • Shadowhunters-City of Bones (2013)

The kiss in the greenhouse of Shadowhunters it’s something incredibly romantic for a fantasy film of those years. The audience went crazy when they saw this scene in between Clary and Jace and after many years continues to excite the fans of the saga!

  • New Paradise Cinema (1988)

We conclude our ranking with Giuseppe Tornatore, director of the film New Cinema Paradise, which gives us a sequence of cinematic kisses and Salvatore’s dreamy gaze as he falls in love once again with the magnificent work of the camera. Don’t you also find yourself in Salvatore’s gaze when you watch the most romantic scenes?

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