The knife in the game right now is the least


The knife in Resident Evil 3, the Story will be indestructible, other than knives of Resident Evil 2, all of which break after a few times of use.

The first, he made the move to ensure that players always have something to go on, even after you empty your inventory of all the rest of it.

In an interview with the Game Informerthe producer, Peter Fabian said: “We are dealing with a survival, horror, and everything in it is finite. Your ammo is over. Your weeds are gone. All of the items that you can use in the end. So, if it’s all gone, what’s left? With the utility knife. The director wanted to make it so that you will always have, at least, to his crush on her. And that’s one thing you can always count on.”

In addition to ultimately have an in clause is guaranteed to escape from the zombies in the original Resident Evil, with a knife and indestructible, it also makes it possible jogatinas with just a knife. This jogatinas challenge in which you are popular among the fans of Resident Evil since the very beginning of the series, but it was almost impossible and the remake of Resident Evil 2, because they are broke. Now, the challenge is not only to be a suggestion, but it’s confirmadamente as possible, with members of the development team to complete the game in a certain way.

Resident Evil 3 And the Remake will be officially launched on the 3rd of April for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you like this game, please read the sneak preview of Resident Evil 3 VOICES of Brazil. If you want to test the game before it’s release, here’s how to download the demo.

*Translated by Bruno Japan

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