The ko of Wijnaldum dictates the new transfer agenda of Rome: at least 2 releases and 3 purchases

In just over nine days the Rome he will have to redesign his squad. This is because Wijnaldum’s knockout has redesigned the strategies of a market that already envisaged the inclusion in the squad of another defender and Andrea Belotti, a center forward who always awaits the release of one between Felix Afena-Gyan and Eldor Shomurodov.

Who can arrive
The midfielder has become Roma’s market priority for a couple of days. Mourinho also said it very clearly that he is now waiting to understand who the company will make available to him. If he goes ahead on the road of the free agents, the main candidacy is that of Florian Grillitsch who was a step away from Fiorentina. Tiémoué Bakayoko is another name that can be taken into consideration because it is coming out of Milan, while Sasa Lukic – captain for a day at Torino – has a valuation of around 15 million euros.
In attack Andrea Belotti he has had an agreement for some time but is just waiting for Roma to free him the job. In defense the free agent Zagadou does not convince due to the physical conditions, Bailly has found an agreement with the OM and so watch out Diallo if PSG will open for loan.

Who is outgoing
The first suspect to leave is always Justin Kluivert, who wants Fulham and is waiting for the two clubs to define the agreement in these hours. For Felix Afena-Gyan we work with Cremonese to find an agreement on the evaluation, for Shomurodov instead the negotiation with Bologna has stalled. Amadou Diawara has so far refused any offers, as well as Calafiori and Coric.

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