The Kremlin’s squeeze on deserters, Putin signs new laws: hard punch for those who run away from the enemy

From now on in Russia who refusing to respond to the military conscription will be punished with imprisonment from five to ten years. If then, while remaining to fight, he will surrender to the enemythe prison sentence it will be up to 10 years. These are just some of the amendments to the penal code signed a few hours ago by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the package approved by the president too 15 years of imprisonment whoever chooses to avoid military service during mobilization or martial law. Decisions that now appear as a harsh response to the flight from the country made in recent days by many Russian citizens, after the head of the Kremlin announced the military mobilization with the call to arms of 300,000 soldiers. As the population flees or attempts to flee, Putin uses the weapon of law to nail the Russians to their alleged patriot responsibilities. Along with the new penalties, the president has also signed a law which facilitates access to Russian nationality for foreign nationals serving in the Russian army. “The number of Russians fleeing the Finnish border has doubled since last week.” To say this in an interview with Bbc is the prefect of South Karelia, Satu Sikanen. South Karelia is one of the areas in Finland that has the largest number of kilometers bordering Russia. “The situation is stable and peaceful and every person who crosses the border from Russia is thoroughly checked to mitigate any security threats,” Sikanen explained. Following the speech to the nation, the tickets for the direct flights from Moscow to Istanbulto Yerevanthe Armenian capital ea Tbilisithe capital of the Georgia, the only destinations reachable without stopping. In addition to the flight, long queues of cars filled the border, not to mention the numerous protests in the streets of those who decided to stay in the country and the thousands of protesters arrested.

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