The lag In the, Natalie Portman and Amy Adams in a cover Image full of stars

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Gal In the middle) is joined by movie stars Natalie Portman (left) and Amy Adams.

The actress Wonder Woman Gal In went on Instagram and on the sixth day of his quarantine, self-imposed, for a hand full of stars by Imagine John Lennon.

In the has recruited other superheroes Natalie Portman (Thor) and Mark Ruffalo (the Hulk) for the cover, with more than 20 people each, who sang a song for the song.

Even Will Ferrell, Amy Adams, Kristen Wiig, and Cara Delevingne attended.

The star said he chose the song for her message “powerful and pure” of the unit during the pandemic coronavirus.

The actress said she was inspired by a clip of an Italian man who plays the song with his trumpet on the balcony to his neighbors.

He had previously encouraged fans to stay at home during the epidemic, saying “stay at home is my superpower and your”.

She wrote on Instagram: “Before we all remain at home and avoid contract this virus is highly contagious, before we can return to our lives without losing lives”.

In the recently ended the filming of Wonder Woman 1984, which has a release date on the 5th of June, but could end up delayed because of the outbreak.

In the meantime, the U2 frontman Bono has published a new song on Tuesday, inspired also by the video of the Italian citizens who sing from their balconies, while the country was closed.

He has published the song, called Let Your Love Be Known, on his account Instagram with the caption: “For italians, that have inspired … for the irish … for ANYONE who is in a difficult situation this St. Patrick’s day and sing again

“For the doctors, nurses and health care workers of the first line, you sing.”

Improvised concerts

Are not the only stars who use social media to connect with fans and offer entertainment and extemporaneous in the last days.

Miley Cyrus has started a chat program for the evening on Instagram, called ” Bright-Minded, turned on his laptop.

In the last issue, the comic Amy Schumer has joined her in speaking of fake health advice on social media and why is everyone had to create jumps on the screen in their daily routines.

“Also watch the news for five minutes you will be scared,” he said.

  • The pop star’s concerts to combat isolation

Later, the comedian switched on the camera for his son, Gene, 10 months, and laughed: “If someone wants their day to be more happy, here is a child”.

Many musicians have also started shows streaming live for fans, including Frank Turner, Christine and the Queens, and Dan Smith of Bastille, who, on Wednesday, they covered No Scrubs TLC in a feed of Instagram from their living room.

Chris Martin and John Legend have also hosted shows on the topic Together at home, an initiative of the world health Organization and the global Citizen, to help to bring people together during a period of social isolation.

The star of One Direction, Niall Horan, and the legend of the rap Common will star in the series this week.

In the meantime, the fans that transmit streaming music to a home show a vein of macabre humor during the crisis.

Tracks such as REM, The End of The World As We Know It and The Police’s Don’t Stand Tan Close To Me, are seeing a rise in broadcasting and sales, although the songs more promising as All of Me by John Legend are enjoying a revival. .

But the phenomenon of music more strange that has emerged since the outbreak was courtesy of the rapper’s new york Cardi B.

Last week, the star posted a video of the labyrinth, sharing his thoughts on the coronavirus, and the response of the administration to Trump, to his 60 million followers on Instagram.

Wearing a dress mesh, transparent, Cardi exclaimed: “I am Not even in the foreground, I have a bit of fear. Coronavirus! Coronavirus!”

The Copyright of the image
Cardi B / Instagram

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Cardi B has inadvertently created a hymn music on the pandemic.

Therefore, a manufacturer of Brooklyn called DJ iMarkkeyz, whose song Coronavirus (Remix) is now the seventh most popular song in the ranking iTunes in the United States. UU. He also topped the download charts in Bulgaria, Egypt and Brazil.

DJ iMarkkeyz, whose real name is Brandon Markell Davidson, said it would distribute the proceeds of the sales to charities.

Cardi B has agreed, writing on Twitter: “Yes, this is what we will do!” before sharing tips with Davidson about how to get paid in the music industry.

“Note that you don’t get your money,” he wrote. “But within a few months there would be families in financial difficulties to lay off the virus”.


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