The Last of Us 2: Possible Multiplayer Beta in the Near Future?

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According to many, Sony and Naughty Dog would be about to launch a beta for The Last of Us 2 multiplayer segment in the near future.

There is a rumor that talks about the possibility of a multiplayer beta of The Last of Us 2 coming in the next period, also based on what emerged from the upcoming presentations of the game Naughty Dog for PS4.

As reported by PushSquare and other newspapers, putting together the details that emerged in recent days on the upcoming events dedicated to The Last of Us 2, the profile of a possible multiplayer beta of the game may emerge, despite the fact that the multiplayer in question is practically unknown. beyond the confirmation of his presence arrived during the summer.

To tell the truth, the clues are decidedly vague: the fact that the presentation of The Last of Us 2the press, set for September 24th, seems to foresee three hours of play, suggests that these may concern the multiplayer component. Considering that three hours of the campaign would be really many, for a game still so far from its release (also in terms of spoilers), the idea is that part of the demonstration is focused on multiplayer.

The fact that the game is also present at the Madrid Games Week, probably with a playable demo, increases the idea that a component that can be played by the public at home and, following the typical pattern of modern productions, also adopted in the past by Naughty Dog, can be released in the next period, starting with a multiplayer beta seems the logical choice. In any case, let us remember that these are only assumptions at the moment.

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