The Last of Us Part II, Discovered A “Fiery” Detail of the Fighting

Molotov cocktails can give you great satisfaction.

The Last of Us Part II continues, one year after its release, to surprise a large number of players thanks to continuous surprises unearthed by the community.

The  PS4 title developed Naughty Dog is certainly the paradigm when it comes to third-person adventures, so much so that it is really very difficult to find a game that is equally well-finished.

After all, we are talking about a game that has been compared with a certain Red Dead Redemption 2, just to point out its excellence.

Gamers are still finding some goodies within the game, some of which are related to combat.

Now, on Reddit (via GameRant ), a player has noticed a particular detail relating to the human opponents that Ellie and Abby are called to face.

As you know, the player can create a lot of weapons that can help him in combat. While explosive arrows and stun bombs are among the most popular, it is difficult to surpass the effectiveness of Molotov cocktails.

Great when it comes to “thinning out” enemies, flaming bottles can take out a pack of infected as easily as they can take down a human enemy.

However, their effect on the latter type of opponent is particularly impressive, as Naughty Dog has added a decidedly chilling detail that makes it even more realistic.

Normally, throwing a Molotov cocktail at an enemy will cause them to die instantly. However, sometimes the flames are not enough, as we will be called to finish them with a gunshot or a melee attack.

However, sometimes Molotov cocktails can literally burn enemy body parts, as noted by Redditor FrenchKush420.

OMG ennemies can get half burnt and there’s an animation for it ! from thelastofus

On the screen, Ellie can be seen grabbing an enemy from behind. While she has a gun pointed at her head, the victim’s arm appears torn apart by the flames of a Molotov cocktail launched before Ellie’s melee attack.

Since the other side of the enemy’s body is apparently unharmed, this is certainly something Naughty Dog wanted.

Still talking about amazing details, did you know that the dialogue of the game can change according to the reactions of the players?

Meanwhile, Naughty Dog has confirmed its new project, which could have to do with The Last of Us franchise, albeit in the multiplayer field.

And that some users have cleverly revealed an alternate introduction to Abby’s character?

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