The Last of Us Part II, Ellie Can Reload the Weapon Without Using Her Hands

It is not a trick, but a glitch.

The Last of Us and its sequel are certainly two truly memorable games, able to leave their mark on the PlayStation software and beyond.

More specifically, The Last of Us Part II is full (very rich) of really deep game mechanics, set up by a Naughty Dog in a state of grace.

After all, we at SpazioGames have also explained it to you in a special published on the occasion of the first anniversary of the release of Part II.

Apparently, however, the surprises are not over, given that while waiting to discover the new project of the Team captained by Neil Druckmann some players continue to discover really interesting curiosities about Ellie’s latest adventure.

Via Reddit, a player has in fact published an interesting video in which it is explained that the protagonist of the game is able to reload her weapon without using her hands.

In the video, viewable just below, we see Ellie shooting at random targets with different types of weapons, reloading the various guns in a rather “unusual” way

First a carbine, then the magnum, and finally a simple pistol, they seem to be able to stock up on bullets in the barrel without Ellie moving a finger.

Clearly, as you can guess from the video, this is a truly unique glitch: in the event that the player decides to exit the aiming view while trying to reload the weapon, it may happen that the protagonist does not use her hands, Actually “eating” the animation.

In fact, the bullets seem to move with thought, regularly ending up inside the slide of the pistol or rifle on duty.

Although this is a bug, the problem does not in any way affect the general experience, which in any case remains extremely accurate in every aspect.

Have you also read that someone recently brought to attention what would be two features present in the first chapter, but disappeared from the second?

But if you want to be blown away, the astonishing reproduction of Ellie’s original diary will blow fans of the PlayStation franchise into raptures.

Finally, check out the first (and heartwarming) photo taken from the set of the TV series inspired by The Last of Us, currently in the works.

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