The Last of Us Part II, Ellie’s Diary Really Exists (and Is Full of Details)

Fans of The Last of Us Part II were impressed by the first moments of the adventure created by Naughty Dog from the incredible setting of the game, full of secrets and details to discover.

The attention of the developers of The Last of Us Part II in every single detail of the game has not gone unnoticed by the fans, to the point that some of them are trying to recreate some elements of the game even in real life.

The level of detail further surprised fans after the graphics revealed how much work was needed on the eyes, helping to increase the realism in video games.

However, Naughty Dog’s work does not seem to be finished yet: a mysterious patch has recently been released, with which it is not clear what changes have been made.

The Reddit user robertsimpson97, as reported by Game Rant, has however decided to start a personal project, carried out since the first days of the launch of The Last of Us Part II: faithfully recreates the diary of Ellie, the protagonist of the adventure.

During the story, players will be able to get a total of 20 pages, each of them complete with very detailed descriptions and drawings: the peculiarity is that the fan has decided to make these pages entirely by hand.

At the moment the project has reached page number 13, which you can admire for yourself thanks to the post published by the user on the forum dedicated to the game:

Recreating Ellie’s Journal | Page 13 from thelastofus

The work is certainly even more impressive if we keep in mind that all the pages, which you can consult yourself on his Reddit profile, are entirely hand-drawn and that, therefore, do not come directly from the game.

The artist, therefore, managed to capture Ellie’s style with an impressive naturalness, even in the way the drawings were made with their shading, not very precise but extremely detailed.

In response to users who praised her work, robersimpson97 has once again confirmed its intention to faithfully reproduce all 20 pages of Ellie’s diary, but if she finds enough time she will also realize those seen in the flashbacks.

This is not the only Ellie object that fans have decided to recreate: a few days ago her map was also recreated, which you can have too.

Despite the great care taken in the second chapter, fans of the series have pointed out that two key features are only present in the first The Last of Us.

Also in the first installment of the series, some players discovered a trick to deal with clickers without using ammo.

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