The Last of Us Part II, How One of the Most Iconic Scenes Was Born

A designer reveals the secret of an already legendary “sniper boss fight”

The Last of Us Part II has many moments that will remain in the history of video games, but a member of the development team paused to discuss the birth of one in particular on social media.

Naughty Dog’s action-adventure was among the most awarded titles ever, but apparently, it still has many aspects to explore from behind the scenes.

The game has just received a hefty discount, which will be available permanently on PlayStation Store.

The scene in question has returned to the spotlight recently, when it was discovered by some modders that it could have been used to reverse, in a sense, the course of history.

Spoilers about a key moment in the game follow: if you haven’t finished it, don’t read on

Asher Einhorn, the technical designer of The Last of Us Part II, spoke extensively about the scene where – like Abby – we have to free ourselves from the siege of Tommy with a sniper rifle.

As revealed by Einhorn, the initial idea was to create a real boss fight against a sniper. The choice of which character it would have been, however, bears the signature of director Neil Druckmann.

“At some point in development, we were trying to make a sniper boss fight, and the idea that it would be Tommy came from Neil, explained the designer.

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