The Last of Us Remake is one big misunderstanding. Are we already in 2030?

Good game refreshments (as shown by the sales results of the successful Resident Evil 2 (2019)) are desired by players. Provided that publishers want to rejuvenate a production that is at least a dozen years old, and not something that can still be played today. And this is where The Last of Us Remake enters the salons.

Add oil to the fire

A full-fledged refreshing of the story of Ellie and Joel was talked about in the previous year, all thanks to Jason Schreier and his extensive entry published on the Bloomberg portal. It sounded interesting, because the news about The Last of Us Remake was released into the world along with information focusing on the fact that Days Gone 2 – for various reasons – is not being created.

As you can imagine, the negative reception was noticeable at every turn. Twitter was flooded with posts that cast Sony in a bad light, and the mere fact that the main developers of Days Gone (no longer working with Sony) were pouring fuel on the fire. In the end, this and no other reaction of the audience was predictable. This is one of the stranger decisions of PlayStation developers – and hopefully the last one in this generation, because I can’t imagine receiving remakes of PS4 games on PS5.

Who needs it? Sony and HBO

One might wonder what would happen if Jason Schreier “revealed” The Last of Us Remake without mentioning Days Gone 2 at the same time, but it doesn’t make much sense right now. The existence of the game has already been confirmed by many reliable sources, so it can be assumed that Naughty Dog is currently working on more than two items (apart from the new AAA title, there are also factions for The Last of Us Part II).

Much has been said in recent days that the premiere of the remake will take place in the last quarter of 2022. I can believe it, because the series The Last of Us, created by the HBO platform, is expected to appear on the market at the same time. The Witcher from Netflix has already shown how you can give games from a given brand a second life, so in the case of the Sony brand, there may also be a situation where two birds are baked with one stone.

On the other hand, The Last of Us Remake may debut around the packed version of The Last of Us 2, to which these factions will be thrown. I would not even be surprised if the publisher decided to sell both productions in a special set – something like that is often used by Ubisoft, and one example is a bundle that costs slightly over 100 zlotys, consisting of the full versions of Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

A good step, but not for hardcore gamers

The Last of Us Remake is a profitable decision from the financial point of view, because if the revival of the story of Ellie and Joel is released around the faction’s debut for TLOU 2 and the HBO series, it will certainly be of great interest to non-avid gamers.

I am sure that 99% of people gathered here completed the first The Last of Us at least once and for them the remake of this production is one big misunderstanding. I myself think that it would make sense if we were getting closer to 2030 and had PS6 in our homes. Then I would even praise Sony for allowing us to recall this great adventure with PS3 / PS4 in a completely new frame and innovative mechanics.

Today, when the first and second TLOUs can be played on PS4 and PS5, I cannot praise PlayStation for their decision. They refreshed a bit earlier, and the show’s debut in a similar period is in my opinion no excuse. This is just – let’s call it a spade – a leap into money.

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