The Last of Us, Skyrim, The Witcher 3… The best games of the decade

These games have not only marked the decade, but they have also shaped the entire industry squarely during these 10 rich years.

That’s it ! We have just moved to a new round figure with the year 2020. And who says new decade, necessarily says assessment of the previous one. And when it comes to video games, when you look at the works that have punctuated all these years, you tell yourself that in the end, we had many real successes. Games that will undoubtedly stand the test of age without any problem: we will talk about these games in 10 years again with nostalgia because they have marked and shaped the identity of video games in 2010. For information, the list that arrives does not follow a particular order.


When the expected blockbuster does not disappoint

While GTA V is more than 6 years old, it does not falter from a sales point of view, even today. The proof: at Christmas, it was once again a tidal wave on the game of Rockstar. And it’s not difficult to explain: even with more than 5 years of experience, no other studio has been able to offer something similar than the experience offered with GTA V. Not to mention that the game did not aged despite its age and remains more active than ever thanks to its online mode. A lesson in longevity, especially for an a priori solo game.


The JRPG of the decade

Despite the lack of exposure enjoyed by the Persona series in the West, the arrival of Persona 5 allowed the license to move from a niche audience to a real blockbuster. And it is thanks to its multiple qualities: a smoothly led story, addictive gameplay and above all an artistic direction that is both original and memorable (whether it is visual or music).


A generation’s game

With its captivating and memorable narration, its innovative gameplay and its smoothly led characters, The Last of Us are for many the game of a generation. He knew how to tame all types of players: the hardcore gamers who chain the conquests, and the most neophytes who like to play for a beautiful story.


A safe bet

Between Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario Galaxy 2, it was difficult to make a choice. However, it seems to us that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a bit above its successor thanks in particular to its variety of gameplay and an incredible level design. A safe bet, and the very first instant classic of the decade.


A game with the undeniable influence

We chose Dark Souls for this ranking, but we could have integrated other games from the From Software studio, such as the most recent Sekiro (incidentally recently elected as the best game of 2019). From Software knew with Dark Souls to offer something that players needed without knowing it: the suffering of difficult work. And Dark Souls has been so influential that the term “souls-like” has entered the common vocabulary of video game enthusiasts.


Breath of The Wild, poetic beauty

For many players, this is the best game of the decade. The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild has reinvented one of the most famous video game licenses. With this game, Nintendo has proven that it is possible to follow the trends of the gaming world (open world) while keeping its identity intact. It is a very big game for sure, and almost 3 years after its release, it has not aged an iota.


The Western RPG that marked the first half of the decade

Skyrim was undoubtedly the most influential game of the first half of the decade. By the immensity of the content it offers, plus all the creativity linked to the mods allowed on the game, Skyrim has been a great source of fun for a very large number of players. Even today in 2020, it is still as much appreciated despite its 9 years of age.


An incredible game

Where Skyrim laid its grip on the first half of the decade, The Witcher 3 is undoubtedly the champion of the second half. Released in 2015, it has sold millions of copies thanks to many undeniable qualities, such as the quality of its writing, its incredible artistic direction and its open-world filled with quests all more interesting than the others.


The most ambitious Smash Bros game in history

Everything Smash Bros. is looking for in Super Smash Bros Ultimate has given it away. The biggest and most ambitious character roster in history in a fighting game, gameplay constantly improved thanks to constant updates, a thriving esport scene … SSBU is aptly named: it is the game Smash Bros ultimate and it will be difficult to do better in the genre …


An ambitious and successful reboot

The reboot of God of War released in 2018 on PS4 could prove one thing: it is quite possible to take a slightly aging series to bring it up to date. With modified gameplay and a greater emphasis on narration, this God of War has marked many players and will remain the perfect example of a good reboot.

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