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There was once a Neptune, there was once a high school girl with the blond hair, cute appearance and acumen the intellectual, which, could, between a query and a test, solve complex murder cases. His name was, and is, Veronica Mars and after so many years, three seasons and a film, is back on the small Italian screens with the fourth round of episodes of the series dedicated to heron Premium Crime, every Tuesday in Prime Time. The sequel to revival is sure to satisfy the palate of fans old and new? We’ve seen the premiere and this is the result.

Return home

Ten years after his departure from Neptune, Veronica Mars is back in his country of origin. Here a guy is sowing chaos and terror with its attacks, the first at the dawn of Spring Break. Two days before the event, however, the life of Veronica and of the father, who carry on with an investigation agency, it is certainly not a bed of roses between the wives controlled by their husbands with all kinds of technological means, and mice that are unleashed to command in the supermarket and uncomfortable.

Veronica will pass the Spring Break with a Pony, his dog, while it is revealed that Logan is in Somalia. Upon returning home, however, the girl sees the handbag of his companion to the ground, goes to the beach to look for him and it turns out that is her ex, Logan. The man is the intelligence officer of the Navy and travels the world on a mission.

The same evening the man asks Veronica to marry him, but she doesn’t want to know: she has seen too many married couples burst. To be drawn out, reaches to the father to a meeting in the town, where a group of residents of Neptune to protest against the craziness from Spring Break and want to return the town to its former glory.

In truth it seems that the manoeuvre just want to hit some of the local activities. The festivities of the guys on the holiday, go ahead and suddenly, while the young people are having fun, explodes a bomb at the Sea Sprite Hotelconcurrently with the delivery of pizzas, required by our customers and by the owner of the Hotel. The latter is one of the four victims, among them, even Gabriel, a relative of the boss of the cartel mexican called El Despiadado. Alex Maloof, the brother of another victim, hires Veronica and Keith to resolve the case.

An expected return

Veronica Mars, created by Rob Thomas, is a series that has been able to earn between 2004 and 2007, an excellent response to the critics, that receive some of the awards and the favour of a niche audience in The third season, but aired on The CW, was not as successful as hoped and the series was closed. Since then, many have hoped for a return of Veronica on the screens: before the film of Veronica Marsavailable on Netflix, and then, finally, a fourth season, have rewarded the hopes of the fans. However, the past twelve years, the new series is 2019, and the way to make the narrative, the serial has changed a lot, especially rose the actors playing the characters they loved so much at the time and was not offered a similar course to that of a time.

Therefore the fourth season of Veronica Mars has, in large part, different from the previous onesback to back with the protagonist in a spatial context that is similar, but in a time quite different. Passed the effect of nostalgia with the appearance of old glories, such as Logan and Wallace, you go to a new narrative line, and to the new lives of the characters who live problems very different from those of the past. Logan asks Veronica to marry him and he must face the rejection of her, which, in the meantime, put aside a law degree, it deals with problems more practical, such as the search of money to get to the end of the month.
All then very different from the setting of the high-school and “coming of age” of the old seasons.

The sense of a revival

However, until a few years ago, we breathe the wind of revival, not everyone is able to resurrect the mood that had nourished the success of the series original: just think of what happened with Beverly Hills, 90210. Veronica Mars chose a more classical approach, but, time passes, and you lost the original item of the past seasons. The series was characterized by some elements of coming of age, accompanied by a main storyline crime, however, inserted in a context teen.

Now there is, at least what can be glimpsed in the premiere, a series that is in everything and for everything a crime drama, without any characterization that can make it differentiate from the myriad of other production of the same genus. You are then in trouble when you go to search for the reason of this revival, resulting in forced and without a very specific meaning.

The effect of nostalgia is soon overcome and set aside and the main plot, as the premise seems to be varied and well built, it might not be enough to guarantee an audience base. Beyond these considerations, the dialogues have lost the brilliance of a time, are always tongue-in-cheek, gradually critics of social conformity in which Veronica and Keith live and above all the language used is not afraid to be foul-mouthed and politically incorrect, making the viewing easy and never boring.

Also directed shows freshness with the presence of dthe great planes sequenceespecially the scene prior to the explosion of the bomb or the arrival of the lawyer in the hospital, which will speed up the pace of the narrative, using images in place of the word to tell the situations. A mention goes to Kristen Belldressed with a natural ease in the role of Veronica Mars, bringing upon himself the weight of a series that manages to bring with serenity and skill. Can not pass unnoticed the dialogues and, hence, the relationship between Veronica and Keith, the real heart of the series.

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