The last surge in creativity. Now all smartphones will look the same

For several dozen months, almost all smartphones have looked the same. If you walk into an electronics store, pick up a random phone and turn it around, it is highly likely that you will see a rectangular island with cameras on the back, located in the upper left corner.

This trend has dominated the market, but not everyone has succumbed to it yet. For example Nokia consistently places its cameras centrally, usually in a circular bulge.

Nokia G50 has a typical appearance for this brand

The manufacturer made it his trademark, proudly boasting “Scandinavian design” in promotional materials. But nothing lasts forever.

Like everyone else, everyone is. Even Nokia is already copying the competition

Evan Blass published promotional photos of four yet unrevealed Nokia smartphones. Two of the phones look strangely familiar, although they do not resemble the earlier smartphones of this brand in any way.

Application? The Finns will soon turn off the lights in the room marked “creativity” and at least some of their smartphones will no longer stand out from the crowd.

At least for now, however, it will not apply to the entire portfolio. The other two of the upcoming phones will have a design typical of Nokia.

Either way, in the coming months, finding a phone that looks completely different from the rest will be even harder than it is right now. If even Nokia is giving up, apparently being original doesn’t pay off.

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