The last time we were building so many flats was when she asked a big question. We are going for a development record

Last year, 221,000 jobs were created in Poland. residential real estate. Most in four decades, when the construction of large-panel blocks began in the 1970s. In 2021, last year’s record of the Third Polish Republic may be broken.

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We are building more and more apartments. Will the record be broken?

In 2021, the result is at your fingertips at the level of approximately 230,000 new houses and apartments, the construction of which will be formally completed, suggest HRE Investments estimates based on the latest GUS data. Data for December will be of key importance – traditionally, this is the month in which most apartments are delivered to the market.

In the 1970s, more apartments were built, but their floor space was smaller. In the record-breaking 1978, 284,000 jobs were delivered. premises and 17.6 million new square meters. This year, the area of ​​new premises will reach approximately 20 million sq m.

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This year’s result will most likely increase the year 2022 even more. After 10 months of this year, administrative decisions were issued for the construction of over 283,000 sq m. new apartments. It is over 29 percent. more than a year ago. 174 thous. permits were granted to developers, and 106 thousand citizens who want to build for their own needs. Unfortunately, social, municipal, cooperative and company construction, which is responsible for only 3 thousand. apartments.

The number of administrative decisions, however, does not always translate into the actual state of affairs. The data show that during the 10 months of 2021, construction of 239,000 sq m was started in Poland. apartments. Developers increased their results by 39 percent, and citizens by 19 percent. compared to the previous year.

There are still too few flats being built. Poland in the tail of Europe.

Despite significant increases, Poles still lack flats. In this respect, we are almost at the far end of Europe. The latest report by the consulting company Deloitte “Property IndexOverview of European Residential Markets” (published in July this year) shows that at the end of 2020, we had less than 393 apartments per 1,000 inhabitants. Of the 16 markets analyzed in this edition, only Israel, Great Britain (although other data show numbers higher than Poland) and Slovakia had fewer. Definitely more have not only, for example, Portugal, Spain, Germany, France or Belgium, but also, for example, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the previously mentioned Netherlands. And taking into account the slightly older OECD data, also in many other countries not included in the list in this year’s edition of the Deloitte report (eg Austria, Greece, Finland, Estonia) there are much more apartments per 1,000 inhabitants. This, in turn, translates into housing prices. Continuing demand pushes them to record levels.

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