the last video has become a meme, because it is considered embarrassing by the players –

On August 8, 2022, the official Twitter account of Forspoken has published a clip of the game it has already become meme. Players find it simply embarrassing. For what reason? First, it’s worth looking at.

As you can guess after watching the movie, the problem is in the tones of storytelling, with the text that was received coldly because of the contrast it creates with the scenery. Probably not liked is his wink at a forced youthfulness seen as inappropriate.

However, many have taken the opportunity to create something similar for other games, so as to underline their disappointment in a creative way. For example here we have Kratosthe protagonist of the God of War series, who presents himself to the public in a decidedly atypical way for his standards:

In the following tweet, however, it is Kazuma Kiryuthe protagonist of the first chapters of the Yakuza series, to scoff at Forspoken:

Here, instead, it is Bloodborne by FromSoftware, who becomes the protagonist of a trailer similar to that of Forspoken:

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Forspoken marketing has been criticized for some questionable choice. We hope the game is a masterpiece that everyone can agree on, whether you play it on PC or play it on PS5.

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