The latest contraption invented by FIFA at the World Cup in Qatar: ingenious and depressing

Through an app, FIFA allows fans present in stadiums at the World Cup to live a unique experience with augmented reality and real-time data.

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Over the years, technology has made its entry into sport and football in an increasingly massive way. Just think of the Goal Line Technology first and then of the Var, tools aimed at helping the referees and trying to reduce the controversies (difficult undertaking). We also thought of the fans, with the aim of putting them in a position to receive increasingly detailed information on the matches, and in real time. An example? What is happening to the World Cup in Qatar.

The fans present in the stands of the stadiums that are hosting the matches of the world championship tournament can take advantage the official app of FIFA, FIFA+. In addition to providing users with content, a large archive complete with videos, replays and an enormous amount of data, which can be used at any time, this application allows you to experience live match viewing in a unique way.

Through the “Stadium ExperienceIn fact, the FIFA+ application allows those who have it on their portable devices to take advantage of a series of services. All you need to do is be in one of the stadiums of the World Cup during one of the matches and enable your localization services with the app. point you can access a whole series of features, exploitable thanks to the augmented realityon the challenge. Available in real time, replays, videos, VAR actions, and real-time statistics, complete with insights into the match and all the players.

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Not everyone was aware of this possibility, which became very popular after a particular video posted on TikTok by a fan during the group stage match between the USA and Iran on November 30th. In the same, the user exploits the potential of the FIFA+ app directly from the stands, demonstrating how it works. Filming the match via his smartphone, the fan scans the pitch, and a screen on the match opens.

FIFA app details

FIFA app details

By clicking on each player, they appear names, data, and key statistics. You can even see how fast they run in real time. And in fact here is that from footballer to footballer we pass from those who move at 20 miles per hour, to those who move at 12 miles per hour, with great precision. No problem for this app that seems well made and fully functional, with the possibility therefore for every fan to better recognize the players even from far away.

An augmented reality experience reserved exclusively for those in the stands during the match, and which in FIFA’s plans is used to push fans and enthusiasts to a more analytical approach to football. Among other things, with the possibility of seeing what is happening on the pitch through one’s smartphone, in streaming, using different cameras that the user can easily change.

But the point is precisely this: isn’t this the risk of exaggerating? On the other hand, the beauty of watching live matches at the stadium is to fully breathe the atmosphere of the match by focusing on what happens on the pitch and inevitably in the stands. And instead in this way we find ourselves assisting in a confrontation through the mobile phone, as one would perhaps do if one did not have the possibility of being present in the system. A new match viewing experience and a leap into the future, but which could cool the typical emotions of live events. Contradictions of technology, an ingenious but depressing gimmick.

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