The latest looks from the 79th Venice Film Festival

The 79th edition of the Venice Film Festival is coming to an end, but we can say that few looks have left their mark. Many have chosen black over classic cut dresses for timeless elegance, but this has certainly not encouraged the presence of innovative looks.

The protagonist of the evening week, as well as of the film The Eternal Daughter directed by Joanna Hoggit is undoubtedly Tilda Swinton in a long wisteria dress illuminated by sequins and beads by Haider Ackermann, the fluorescent locks complete the picture. The plot tells the return to the ancient family home for an artist and her elderly mother, who will find themselves facing secrets of a mysterious past.

The List Representative in Valentino (Photo by Stefania D’Alessandro / WireImage)

Pink Valentino for the Lista Representative with precious floral embroidery for both, on the dress for her and the t-shirt for him.

The actress Sara Serraiocco in Fendi Couture she is safe and elegant, perfect are the Crivelli earrings that frame her face. Stefania Sandrelli in Martino Midali like a cloud. The actor Elio Germano is not wrong in Giorgio Armani, electric blue jacket and velvet lapels. The activist Cathy La Torre in a full MSGM studded with rainbow crystals.

Vanessa Kirby in Valentino Couture (Photo by Rocco Spaziani / Archivio Spaziani / Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

On the eighth evening he is presented The Son directed by Florian Zellera drama that tells of the difficulties of a family struggling to remain united following various vicissitudes. Laura Dern is radiant in Giorgio Armani Privé with a blue dress with flounces sprinkled with stones, but the real star of the evening is Vanessa Kirby in Valentino Couture.

The young British actor Noah Juve wearing a sparkly suit while Zen McGrath chooses a candid Dior Men suit.

Ana de Armas in Louis Vuitton (Photo by Maria Moratti / Getty Images)

The ninth evening of the Festival celebrates one of Hollywood’s most beloved icons, Marilyn Monroe. It is in fact presented Blondefilm directed by Andrew Dominik which traces the life of the actress. Protagonist of the film Ana de Armas which comes in a pink Louis Vuitton dress, with the neckline reminiscent of Marilyn’s iconic white dress.

Monica Bellucci in Dolce & Gabbana (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images)

Highly anticipated Monica Bellucci in black Dolce & Gabbana and Cartier jewels. The model Mădălina Ghenea pays homage to the Hollywood icon with a Versace Vintage.

Brad Pitt in Haans Nicholas Mott gives a casual touch to his suit with sports shoes while the actor Matteo Oscar Giuggioli he is very elegant in a clear Dior by Kim Jones suit. Tessa Thompson still amazes us in a black mesh dress from Interior.

Margherita Mazzucco in Gucci (Photo by TIZIANA FABI / AFP via Getty Images)

The director Susanna Nicchiarelli presents on the tenth evening of the exhibition Clearthe biopic about Santa Chiara D’Assisi. With protagonist Margherita Mazzuccothe actress chooses an elegant custom Gucci dress.

The actress Liv Corfixen wears an elegant powder-colored Prada dress with silver details. Mina Kavani best represents the Dior dress in embroidered black, perfectly matched with accessories and hair.

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