The law on the defense of the fatherland. Entrepreneurs are afraid that the army will take their workers away

The provisions contained in the draft law on the defense of the fatherland may limit the flexibility of the labor market, warns the Polish Confederation Lewiatan. The organization warns that a large group of employees may resign from employment in enterprises, especially in construction and transport.

The draft law on defending the fatherland was published by the RCL on Friday. The act would enter into force on July 1, 2022. The draft, the proposer of which is the Ministry of Defense, was announced at the end of October by the head of the ministry, Mariusz Błaszczak and Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński.

The law on defending the motherland – entrepreneurs warn

The Lewiatan Confederation indicates that the currently consulted draft act on the defense of the fatherland includes provisions, inter alia, about the possibility of a significant increase in the size of the army (even up to 300,000), facilities and protection for recruits, employees called up for military service.

– We are afraid that the consequence of the changes introduced in the armed forces, not consulted with entrepreneurs, will be a reduction in the flexibility of the labor market. Many employees will resign from employment in companies, which will be particularly dangerous in industries where there is already a shortage of employeesDod – says Kacper Olejniczak, an expert of the Lewiatan Confederation

– In addition, we are concerned about the proposed facilities and protection of recruits and employees called up for military service – he adds.

According to the employers, the introduction of new obligations should respect the following principles:

– voluntary – the entrepreneur voluntarily decides to take part in the implementation of tasks for the armed forces, in times of peace, when no state of emergency has been declared;

– proportionality – the exercise of control by government administration bodies over the implementation of tasks for the armed forces should not be burdensome for entrepreneurs and their activities;

– full remuneration and compensation – the implementation of tasks for the armed forces does not justify forcing entrepreneurs to function, in times of peace, at a loss. The principle should be to perform tasks for full remuneration and cover any damage that may arise in doing so.

What about the law on defense of the fatherland

The draft act consists of 768 articles. It repeals 14 laws, including those on the universal duty of defense, on the military service of professional soldiers, on the reconstruction and technical modernization, and on the financing of the armed forces, and on military discipline; introduces changes to several dozen others, including the office of the minister of defense, the accommodation of the armed forces, the police, the Military Property Agency, the National Bank of Poland, higher education, as well as criminal regulations and petty offenses.

The amount of defense spending in relation to gross domestic product is to grow faster than assumed in the current law. The level of 2.3 percent is expected to be achieved in 2023 (not 2024); reaching the level of 2.5 percent it is planned for 2026, and not – as provided for in the current Modernization Act – from 2030.

The size of the army is to be determined in the armed forces development program. Informing about the project at the end of October, Jarosław Kaczyński and Mariusz Błaszczak announced the expansion of the army to 300,000, including 250,000. professional soldiers and 50 thousand. WOT.

The Lewiatan Confederation is a Polish business organization representing the interests of employers in Poland and the European Union. It brings together over 4,100 companies employing a total of over 1 million people. He is a member of the Social Dialogue Council.

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