The leader of Łomża Vive needs to rest, but … not yet

Alex Dujshebaev must finally rest. The Spaniard will leave Euro 2022 due to a shoulder injury, but for now he will play for Łomża Vive Kielce

Marcin Górczyński

Marcin Górczyński

Alex Dujshebaev

WP SportoweFakty / In the photo: Alex Dujshebaev

According to “Marca”, the leader of the Polish champions has problems with the shoulder and has to undergo a six-week rehabilitation, otherwise he will face surgery and a longer break. The Spaniard has been struggling with an injury since the Tokyo Olympics, after returning from Japan, Alex Dujshebaev left the Kielce preparation period, he is also saved for Champions League matches, he is rare in the Super League.

– I quit the European Championship because I am injured. I have to undergo a six-week rehabilitation to avoid surgery and be off the game for three months. I feel pain from the Tokyo Olympics, but I will manage to hold on until Christmas – commented Dujshebaev for the daily “Marca” after the victory of Łomża Vive Kielce in Barcelona.

The Spaniard joined the list of Łomża Vive players who will be resting in December and January. Tomasz Gębala, the Polish representative, will not be able to play in the European Championship 2022, knee surgery will not play.

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