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A Palestinian woman is fighting with all her might against the Israeli state.

Tv2000 proposes today the film entitled The lemon garden. It is a drama genre film with a family atmosphere.

Production is between Israel, Germany And Francethe year of realization is 2008 and the duration is one hour and 46 minutes.

The lemon garden film actors

Il giardino di limoni film – direction, protagonists, where it is shot

The direction is by Eran Riklis. Main protagonists are Salma Zidane And Israel Navon interpreted respectively by Hiam Abbass And Doron Tavory. Also in the cast Ali Suliman in the role of Ziad Daud.

Filming took place in Israelin particular a Djelazoun and surrounding areas.

The production is of the Heimatfilm in partnership with MACT Productions And Eran Riklis Productions.

The film is internationally known under the title Etz Limon.

The movie where the lemon garden is shot

The lemon garden – plot of the film broadcast on Tv2000

The plot has as its protagonist Salma Zidane, a Palestinian widow, owner of a lemon grove. The woman follows a quiet life away from any kind of fun.

But one day he learns that Israel Navon, Ministry of Defense Israeli, he decided to build his new house right next to the widow’s garden. The security measures, however, oblige to build an apartment with many anti-terrorist criteria.

There is a need to put steel frames, fences and cameras everywhere. And to do all this, the Palestinian widow’s lemon grove Salma Zidane, must be shot down. In fact, it could provide potential shielding from terrorist attacks.

The minister himself orders the uprooting of lemons. The legitimate owner, however, does not accept that her only means of subsistence be taken away from her. In fact, the lemon grove inherited from her father has always been cared for by her. So she chooses a young lawyer, with a desire to make herself known, and she leads a legal battle that leads up to Supreme Court.

Final spoiler

Despite everything, it is clear that a poor Palestinian woman can never get the better of the Israeli state in court. And in fact after the first degrees of judgment a Body access to the lemon grove is prevented with the consequence of plant deterioration.

The case of the Palestinian widow becomes of international significance and hits the heart of the minister’s own wife, the lady Aim.

Viewers will see if the woman can stop this injustice.

The ultimate movie lemon garden

The lemon garden – the full cast

Below is the cast of the film The lemon garden and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Hiam Abbass: Salma Zidane
  • Doron Tavory: Minister of Defense Israel Navon
  • Ali Suliman: Ziad Daud
  • Rona Lipaz-Michael: Mira Navon
  • Hili Yalon: Sigi Navon
  • Tarik Kopty: Abu Hussam
  • Makram J. Khoury: Abu Kamal
  • Smadar Jaaron: Tamar Gera
  • Amos Lavie: Commander Jacob
  • Amnon Wolf: Leibowitz
  • Danny Leshman: soldier Itamar known as Freccia

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