the logistics center of the US giant is almost finished in Gioia Tauro

There is a local general contractor who is carrying out the works to complete the shed which, in the backport of Gioia Tauro, should become the Amazon fulfillment center. This is what we learn going right to the gate in the area of ​​30,000 square meters, a gold site separated from the port of records by a fence not too high, and ringing the intercom from where the employees specify: “We are not authorized to give information.”

Workers can still be seen putting their hands on the finishing touches, the elevated stalls for the vans are ready, as completed seem – throwing the eye from outside – the offices for the moment including the surveillance area and the reception. «The works started 8 months ago – adds the worker – but we we do not work for Amazon, but for a general contractor to be replaced by the Americans“. About the timing of the settlement, the clerk adds: “It was thought in October but now the deadline is postponed, few jobs remain to be done”.

There are no certain times, while the controversy over the political birthright of the arrival in Calabria of the “king of parcels” – with the former governor Oliverio which in reply to the successor Occhiuto he brought the collaboration calendar back to when he was president – he forced the unions to open old folders that seemed outdated, as if no one or a few believed that the logistics platform could actually take shape in Calabria.

Even at the Municipality they take time to express themselves, also because there is a sentence in Occhiuto’s communication that must be interpreted.
The president, on social media, said he had talked with the “big” Amazonto develop Calabrian small and medium-sized enterprises, expression that suggests that Amazon could continue to rely on Calabrian companies also for the distribution of parcelsso much so that you can’t see it in the shed the distributor’s logo does not stand out at all.

In the meantime, from what is known to the network LaC for now with Amazon – indeed for Amazon – they are working to complete the structure of Gioia Tauro 2 construction companies in the port city – Gt Srl and Beton Costruzioniplus the Sicilian Giardina – well-known companies – while the client of the works is Angelo Di Martino, the director of the works is Rosario Granata while Cse is Salvatore Staropoli.
While waiting for Amazon and its jobs, the Calabrians at least know who – among the “small and medium-sized enterprises” of the region – arrived first.

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