The long French fringe, mais oui I Marie Claire

A slightly messy fringe, with a chic touch, to have a simple but sophisticated look. Simple to make, in fact, it is open, a little messyrecalls the wildest hairstyles in seventies style and can be classified as a good compromise between the tuft and the bangs.

A little history of the long French fringe

There french fringe which will absolutely be there queen of autumn 2022 has a very particular history and one of its many names is also that of Birkin Bangs.

It seems that this hairstyle was worn by one of the main beauty goddesses of the sixties, the wonderful actress Jane Birkinfrom which Hermes took inspiration for the name of its famous women bags.

In addition to being the favorite hairstyle of this sixties beauty icon, this hairstyle can be called the French fringe par excellenceone of the most appreciated and requested beauty hacks by French women (and not only) for the allure of mystery and charm it gives.

Historically it is known as a very full bangswith a striking length that skims the eyebrows or almost covers the eyes, gives a more ethereal look than other more geometric fringes.

How to match long French bangs

The french fringe was born as a trend on TikToka social network much loved by younger girls, who “challenged” themselves by cutting their own bangs, creating a new retro style albeit with new suggestions.

This kind of long french bangs it is ideal for a nude make-up and a very refined look, it is a hairstyle much loved by celebs who wear it with pride, one of the main supporters is the actress Dakota Johnsonbut also Phoebe Dynevorwell-known face of the successful Netflix series, Bridgerton.

This type of hairstyle is very romantic, it gives a cheeky look, precisely because of its disheveled effect, always in the making. You can put the brush aside and style your own hair directly with the fingerschoosing the right products and few rules.

French bangs with long hair

If you have very long hair there fringe must come at cheek height, creating a soft frame that highlights the face. There maintenance of this hairstyle is very simple, just take care of the fringe by remembering cut it regularly so as not to look scruffy.

French bangs with thin hair

For those who have i thin hair, to give more volume you can a little darken to decrease the contrast between the two sides: there fringe and the lengths. The fringe should always be dried, it does not necessarily require ironing, but you can use the hair dryer, trying not to crush the roots.

French fringe styling

For a perfect fringe one cannot neglect it styling, a mousse allows you to make the hair softer and with a polishing serum you can have beautiful, non-frizzy hair.

Also, this hairstyle looks good with a ponytail, with a loose updo with a wavy bob, but also with the lob (another widespread trend), becomes a great classic with i long hair.

The French fringe is open in the middle and becomes more layered on the ends, it can look very similar to the classic curtain bangs, but it is a little more disheveled and cheeky. The best styling is the most natural one possible, occasionally lightened by a few trims. You can leave the side strands at a length that reaches the lip line for a more retro effect.

The maintenance of the French fringe

If you have a lot of hair longbangs should touch the cheeksgiving a optic effect which frames the face creating a sort of arch that may seem extreme, but is very sweet, taking up the romantic aspect of this hairstyle.

This hairstyle does not need special carethe important thing is to be able to keep the spikeseven at the hairdresser, in order to take advantage of it to indulge in an extra cuddle and to always be at the top.

With i thin hair you can try to give more volume, playing with colours, but especially with contrasts, to soften the face. There long french bangs looks good on literally all: it softens slightly more severe features, especially if you have a heart or square faceperfect for those who have pronounced cheekbones or the high and broad forehead.

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