The Lost City, Sandra Bullock on the cameo of Brad Pitt: “Galeotta was the hairstylist”

The unexpected presence of Brad Pitt in The Lost City came as a shock to viewers, especially since the film already contains several A-list stars in its cast. The producer and star of the film, Sandra Bullock, explained how Pitt’s cameo is actually a ‘give to get’. Here is her explanation.

Bullock related that will appear briefly in Bullet Train, Pitt’s latest film. An exchange of favors?:“No, I haven’t called him. I haven’t even spoken to Brad. Brad and I have the same hairstylist who does our hair in the movies. Her name is Janine Rath-Thompson. She was doing his look for Bullet Train and he said ‘Can you call Sandy and get her to do this film?’ Thompson is actually the conduit for our work”. The Lost City is currently number one at the box office and is enjoying great success.

Bullock is also producer of The Lost City e he said that producing a film in which you act is never too simple:“You lose a lot of hair, you go gray fast, you don’t sleep, you are constantly angry and stressed, but you have the right to say it has to be better, you have the right to stop things, you have the right to find the money and fight for people. The first film I produced I shot in New York, but I stopped for a while because I had two beautiful children”. She the actress explained that she resumed working as a producer when her children are a little more grown up.

Apparently, the director was also convinced by Sandra Bullock to make The Lost City.

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