The Lost City, Sandra Bullock:”Now I’m taking a break from acting”

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Oscar winner Sandra Bullock has announced that he intends to temporarily leave the world of cinema to devote himself completely to his family and in particular to his children, with whom he intends to spend as much time as possible in the next period.

“I take my job very seriously when I’m at work. A 24/7 job. And now I want to be 24/7 with my kids and family” said the actress. Meanwhile, her latest film is having good success: in March The Lost City was first at the US box office, ahead of The Batman.

“Here’s where I’ll be for a while” It reaffirmed. Bullock is the mother of Louis, 12, and Laila, 10 and she intends to follow all the social activities of her children, ensuring close attention to the COVID problem:“All parents consider me the ‘crazy lady’ of the pandemic. They know that their children come back without having caught COVID after visiting our house”.

The Lost City was the last film in which we admired Sandra Bullock, at least for a while. With Channing Tatum at his side, of whom he spoke ironically:“Channing is so comfortable with himself. He knew it was comedy, he wasn’t trying to be serious. He worked really hard to make sure he had a rear that turned into a perfect frame. I mean, I looked and looked for imperfections and I have not seen them. […] It’s just like a baby’s butt”.

The actress said she asked Daniel Radcliffe for an autograph on the set of the film, to be given to her granddaughter, a big fan of Harry Potter.

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