The Love Actually movie reunion

Between most romantic christmas movies that have ever been made there certainly is Love actuallythe sentimental comedy of 2003 which has now become a real cult of the Christmas period together with An armchair for two, Mom I missed the plane And The Grinch.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the film, ABC has decided to celebrate the movie Love actually – Really love making the special The Laughter & Secrets of Love Actually: 20 Years Latera sort of “reunion” in style Harry Potter which was broadcast on Tuesday 29 November.

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Within the special, some unpublished scenes were shown, some images taken in the backstage and some interviews made with members of the cast from Love Actually. Oh yes, because it wasn’t just there that brought this film to success plot bittersweet of the film (which talks about Christmas and love that is born, as well as childhood dreams, broken relationships and adrift families), but also an embarrassing amount of first-rate actors whose performances have given greater momentum and credibility to the whole movie.

How can we forget that in addition to the star of Notting Hill Hugh Grant also took part in the film Emma ThompsonColin Firth Keira Knightley, Bill Nighy, Liam Neeson and the late Alan Rickman. “I think we forget, over and over again, that love is all that matters. That’s all that matters,” said Emma Thompson in the special who, along with the other cast members of Love Actuallyshared some hilarious and unexpected memories related to the making of the film, also revealing some completely unexpected curiosities about the film.

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The “newsboy” hat sported in some scenes from Keira Knightley for example it was worn by the actress to hide a giant pimple that had grown on her forehead, while the signs that are shown in one of the most iconic scenes of the whole film were actually written by the actor Andrew Lincoln (which later became famous all over the world thanks to the TV series The walking dead).

Also Hugh Grant let himself go to some unedited revelations admitting that the dance scene in which he was the protagonist risked not being realized because he was not convinced he wanted to do it and this despite the fact that it was his idea (brilliant) to let scene the prime minister’s secretary (aka Hugh’s character) during the dance sequence.

«I’ll give myself credit for having thought of this ingenious closure», joked the actor who, today, seems to be more than happy to have succumbed to the flattery of the director of the film Richard Curtis, allowing himself to be persuaded to dance in front of the cameras. “There are a lot of people, and I agree with them, who think it’s the most heartbreaking scene ever made with celluloid, but then some people like it,” concluded Hugh who, after taking part in that scene, put a stop to his career as a “dancer”.

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