The love story of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

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Kanye had waited for Kim for almost 10 years. He turned her from a queen of trash to a style icon. He made the world reckon with her. And she clung to him even when she completely disagreed with him. By the time. In February, Kardashian filed for divorce. However, the end of Kimye is not at all as certain as it may seem.

According to Kim Kardashian, their first meeting was not particularly romantic. They met thanks to the singer Brandy Norwood, known from the hit “The Boy Is Mine”. Kim was first her assistant, then she was promoted to a friend. It was Brandy who was considered a star at the time, and Kim – only an aspiring celebrity. Soon she began dating the singer’s brother, rapper Ray J. They were together on and off for six years. The only fruit of this relationship is the famous sex tape that Kardashian regrets to this day. But – on the other hand – if it weren’t for the intimacy of Norwood’s siblings, Kim might never have met Kanye West.

Back then, in 2003, Kanye collaborated with Brandy on the song “Talk About Our Love.” Kardashian was with her friend almost everywhere, so she also hung around the recording studio. One day she ran into a rapper three years older. They exchanged pleasantries. After that, they met again and again – whether during the shooting of the music video or other activities related to the song. Years later, Kim recalled that they always enjoyed talking.

One of the first meetings, 2007 (Photo: Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Kanye claims that he fell in love with Kim at first sight. He didn’t even have to see her live, a photo was enough. He spotted her next to Paris Hilton in a shared selfie posted on the internet. “I was asking my friends:» Do you know this Kardijon? «, He said with a laugh in one of the interviews. Apparently, he misspelled the name of his future wife for a long time. At least until it got really loud about her. Because then Kim did not need to be introduced to anyone.

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“I loved her even before I had a chance to speak to her,” West confessed. His friends even say he was a little obsessed with Kim. He really wanted to meet her again. Therefore, when in 2007 he started working on the hip-hop skit “Alligator Boots”, he immediately invited Kardashians to cooperate. She was supposed to play the role of Princess Leia from Star Wars. And while the show eventually never appeared on television, the behind-the-scenes shots became iconic. They are considered to be the first joint photos of the couple.

Since then, their relationship has grown stronger. West was in the Kardashian’s orbit, but she still treated him like a friend. But Kanye was determined. He gritted his teeth when she was dating Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson’s ex-husband, and Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey’s ex-husband. He waited until he realized that they were meant for each other – as he himself was convinced. But she still didn’t seem to understand it. That’s why he gave up for a moment and got involved with the model Amber Rose. They parted ways and came back together for two years. After that, West repeatedly mocked the ex-girlfriend in public repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Kim took a liking to athletes. She was seeing handsome players from the National Football League: Regg Bush and Miles Austin. So in one of the songs, a frustrated Kanye rapped:

You were always the cheerleader of my dreams / Seem to only date the head of football teams / And i was the class clown that always kept you laughing / We were never meant to be, baby we just happened /

You always believed in my dreams / It’s a pity that you only like footballers / and I was that class clown who could always make you laugh / We weren’t written, baby, it just happened to us /

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But she only seriously got involved with basketball player Kris Humphries. They got engaged in May 2011 and immediately began planning their wedding. Reportedly, Kanye begged Kim not to marry Kris. He even sent her photos of former athletes as proof that they were aging poorly. “I was telling her, ‘Look who you’re gonna end up with!’, He revealed on the TV show.

Kardashian ignored her friend’s warnings and became Mrs. Humphries in October 2011. But not for long. The marriage, which began with a televised spectacular wedding, ended 72 days after Kim filed for divorce. Kanye triumphed. And he didn’t want to wait any longer. In April 2012, he released the song “Cold”, in which he publicly confessed his love to Kim:

And I’ll admit, i fell in love with Kim / ‘Round the same time she had fell in love wit’ him / Well, that’s cool, baby girl, do ya thing.

And I must admit that I fell in love with Kim. Somehow when she fell in love with him. OKAY, baby, do your job.

In the same month, the paparazzi photographed Kim and Kany as they left the cinema together after the “Hunger Games” screening. Back then, the hashtag “Kimye” was used for the first time on Twitter. When asked on a live show about what they had in common, Kim replied cryptically: “We’ve been friends for years, but who knows what the future holds.” What was not seen in the pictures, could be seen on the reality TV “With a camera at the Kardashians”. Because on the screen, the intimacy between Kim and Kany was immediately noticeable.

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“When he came to visit us on the set of the show, I saw him looking at her. He was hypnotized, as if she were at least Cleopatra, Kim’s sister Khloe later told. – She was going through a painful breakup then. He told me he would be waiting for her, ”she revealed.

In the summer of 2012, Kim officially confirmed what has long been obvious to many – she wrote on Twitter that she is Kanye West’s girlfriend. This is how the most powerful couple in the world of show business was born.

Kim was Kanye’s muse. And he is her rock. He cheered for everything she did. In every interview, he emphasized that he is an amazing, good and talented person. He also paid attention to her beauty. He has repeatedly called his partner the most beautiful woman in the world. He emphasized that Kim has great potential and will show what she can do – of course with his help.

Pygmalion began to shape her Galatea from the revolution in her wardrobe. Kardashian cried when another pair of beloved high heels or a fur-trimmed purse unceremoniously landed on the pile of things to hand over. He wanted to give her style an individual flair. He wanted her to stop being – like her friend Paris Hilton – the queen of trash. Together with stylist Renelou Padora, he decided what was left and what the Kardashian, despite her despair, must get rid of. However, this painful change was for Kim’s good. Thanks to the rapper, she made her biggest dream come true: she found the cover of the “Vogue” magazine. First in a duet with Kany, then solo.

“My former manager once asked what my most important goals are on my career path. I said that I want to be on the covers of prestigious fashion magazines. She replied that she was after goals that could be achieved, not unrealistic. That’s why I sent a copy of it with me on the cover of Vogue, autographed of course, ”said Kim Kardashian, receiving the 2018 CFDA Top Influencer Award.

With her daughter North in 2018 / (photo: Getty Images)

They married on May 24, 2014 in Florence. With Kany, Kim was clearly gaining confidence. As if she’d finally believed all the praises he kept talking about her. Besides, she did not owe him. She was fuzzy about how a wonderful father he was to their four children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. She confessed that he supported her when she considered taking up law studies. It was the best advertisement for his brand clothes and shoes. And she also defended him like a lioness when he fell into further conflicts with the stars (e.g. with Taylor Swift), publicly supported controversial politicians (e.g. Donald Trump) or engaged in bizarre undertakings that were doomed to failure in advance (e.g. participation in presidential elections). 2020). “We have different views on things, but I always support my husband. I’m his biggest fan, ”she repeated.

They went through several crises. The first serious one right after Kim was robbed at Paris Fashion Week in 2016. Thieves then took away million-dollar jewelry, including an engagement ring from Kanye. “I was convinced they would rape me. That I will die that night, ”she later recounted, not hiding her emotions.

Kim admitted that she had experienced a trauma that she would have to deal with. However, she could not count on her husband’s support, because the incident in Paris triggered his own demons. Though Kanye immediately interrupted the tour to be with Kim, he soon had a nervous breakdown himself. He ended up in the hospital. Diagnosis: bipolar disorder.

The disease brought him closer to his wife’s family. He began to appear on their reality shows more often. The roles were turned – now Kim looked after Kany. West knew his illness was testing their love. He appreciated his wife’s sacrifice because he felt he was a burden to her. On the song “Wouldn’t Leave” from 2018, he rapped:

My wife callin ‘, screamin’, say, “We ’bout to lose it all” / Had to calm her down’ cause she couldn’t breathe / Told her she could leave me now / But she wouldn’t leave.

My wife calls up, shouting, “We’ll lose everything because of you!” I had to calm her down because she couldn’t breathe with nerves. I said he can leave me now. But she didn’t want to go away.

Kim made a good face for a bad game. She repeated ad nauseam in interviews that Kanye is a creative genius. She endured his outbursts of arrogance and megalomania. She explained irrational decisions, bizarre behavior and outrageous statements (for example, that slavery is a matter of choice). At the same time, she made the world familiar with bipolar disorder.

It is not known what caused the rapper when he shouted publicly in the summer of 2020 that he wanted Kim to terminate her first pregnancy. And when he tweeted that his wife’s family tried to lock him up in a facility, and Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner, are white supremacists. This time, his wife did not stand up for him. Instead, she asked for compassion and empathy for her husband, who struggles with a severe mental illness every day., citing one source, said Kim was so stressed out by the whole situation that she herself was in danger of a nervous breakdown. Soon, photos appeared in the media showing her distraught arguing with Kany in a car at a ranch in Wyoming.

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In February of this year, Kim filed for divorce. A few days later, a recording appeared on her Instagram, where she hummed “Drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo – a post-breakup song of generation Z.

It is not at all certain that the final separation will even take place. Well, West slowly – skillfully building tension and increasing the expectation – reveals material from his latest album “Donda” (the name of the rapper’s mother, who died in 2007). He got us used to talking about his private life in his works. Apparently this time it will be no different. From what he has presented so far (and these are only fragments of a few songs), we learn that Kanye does not want to part with Kim.

Darling, come back to me.

Baby, come back to me He calls out to his wife in a song.

Kardashian must have heard that call, as she was sitting in the stands at the time of the first audition at the Atlanta stadium. She also appeared on the second, along with their four children. As always, I support her husband. So this one with a bit of hope states:

But you came here to show that you’re still in love with me.

You came here to show that you still love me (excerpt from the song “Lord i Need You”).

So maybe the end of Kimye is not yet a foregone conclusion.

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