The low cost era ends. This is claimed by the airline with the cheapest flights

The low cost era ends. This is claimed by the airline with the cheapest flights

Ryanair Group CEO Michael O’Leary, a pioneer of the model in Europe Low Cost, foresees the increase in passenger flight prices for the next five years, in parallel with the increase in fuel costs and environmental taxes. He then added that i airline tickets are “too cheap” and, for many routes, lower than those of 10 years ago, although a report produced in the United States indicates an increase of 18% last April, the largest since 1963. O’Leary, in an interview with the British newspaper Financial Times , states that “the rates will increasebecause currently flying is cheap… air fares that cost less than a train ticket are simply absurd ”.

“The low prices are my doing. I made a lot of money this way. But, ultimately, I don’t think that traveling by plane is sustainable in the medium term with average fares of 40 Euros ”. According to O’Leary, the fares would have to increase to reach at least 50 or 60 Euros per ticket. Only time will prove him right or not. Nonetheless, O’Leary appears to have changed criteria. A couple of months ago, he told the TEN of Ireland: “despite all that is said about the need for increase the cost of airline ticketsthe era of low cost flights it’s not over yet”. O’Leary also criticized the British government for the “disaster” caused by the Brexit, for what are the current problems of the air crew. He stated that the Brexit it prevented the travel industry from recruiting European workers to make up for the shortage of staff.

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