The Luar spring-summer 2024 fashion show in New York

The location of the Luar spring-summer 2024 fashion show

Raul Lopez, founder of Luar, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting American creators today. Of Dominican origin, he grew up in Brooklyn and co-founded the disruptive label Hood by Air with Shayne Oliver (2006), when he was barely out of his teens. Faithful to his neighborhood as much as his roots, Raul Lopez mixes it all in collections that skillfully mix streetwear, couture and theatricality. This Wednesday, September 13, 2023, in an empty building in Brooklyn, he closes New York Fashion Week with a Luar spring-summer 2024 fashion show with sulphurous tailoring exalted by models with a fierce approach

The inspiration for the collection

If he draws inspiration from Luar in his Republican roots, Raul Lopez nonetheless remains eminently New York and this spring-summer 2024 fashion show resonates as a search for balance between his origins and his rise in the fashion industry (he has just been nominated by the CFDA in the Women designer of the year category). Thus this collection plays on the balance and duality between the formal and the provocative without ever falling into either the boring or the vulgar. Everything is enhanced by a remarkable sense of cut, bold details and a wonderful sense of staging.

The stars at the Luar spring-summer 2024 show

Among all the ultra-trendy New Yorkers who came to attend the Luar spring-summer 2024 fashion showwe found Lourdes Leon, singer and daughter of Madonna, alongside Dascha Polanco (Orange is the new black) as well as model and activist Zaya Guarani. Also seen, the essentials Clermont Twinsersatz Kim Kardashian at the price of two for the price of one.

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