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The red carpet, the lights that draw colored arches in the sky and the joy of being here, in Jeddah, on a terrace overlooking the Red Sea, to celebrate the talent of the women who have conquered that magical world that is cinema. The dinner organized by Vanity Fair and the Red Sea International Film Festival entitled Women in Cinema it starts here: from the desire to celebrate the immense work that actresses, directors, screenwriters and editors give every day to the industry of dreams with seriousness and conscience. «You are angels, and angels make the world a better place», explains director Simone Marchetti on stage praising the work of Mohammed Al Turki, the deus ex machina of the Red Sea who managed to remind us «how much cinema makes the impossible possible». Dozens of celebrities sat down at the tables to celebrate talent in all its forms: from Sharon Stone, wrapped in a wonderful dress with a train, to Priyanka Chopra; from the star of Emily in Paris Lucas Bravo to Rossy De Palma; from Andy Garcia to Luca Guadagnino; from Guy Ritchie to supermodel Sara Sampaio.

Luca Guadagnino and director Simone Marchetti

James D. Kelly

“It’s amazing the space that women have managed to carve out in Hollywood over the past few years, and it’s only the beginning.” Michelle Rodriguez tells us after crossing the threshold of the Park Hyatt, the five-star hotel where Vanity Fair and the Red Sea International Film Festival have met their guests. On the walls, the covers of our most beautiful and iconic magazine, testimony to the talent of the many women that Vanity Fair has narrated and photographed over the course of these twenty years. Sharon Stone stops to look at them with curiosity and admiration, ready to join the other guests in the courtyard, where the dinner tables have been set up. Together with the chats and hugs among the guests, the evening takes off thanks to a hypnotic and intense performance by Carla Brownwhich enchants the guests of Women in Cinema with her delicate and suave voice, and to the explosive mini-concert of Elissathe Arab pop star who conquers everyone with her verve and energy.

Priyanka Chopra and Jessica Alba

James D. Kelly

Together with a wild Rossy De Palma and the moment in which Elissa descends into the audience embracing Andy Garcia, the evening proceeds between laughter and sparkles until late at night, when the dj-set starts and the brightest stars of the cinema take their leave between hugs and smiles immortalized by the photographer James D. Kelly, who took the wonderful shots that you can see in the gallery below. «When you meet someone it is natural to ask where they are from, but I think it is incorrect. It would be more appropriate to ask him where he is going. When I got in touch with the Red Sea International Film Festival it was clear that Mohammed Al Turki told us where we are going, which, after all, is the superpower of cinema», says the director Simone Marchetti, reminding all present how important it is that art guides us towards safe and wonderful destinations.

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