The main news in Israel and the Jewish world today 2/11/2023

Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with Joe Biden for about 45 minutes. During the dialogue, the two focused on Israel’s plans to advance the military offensive in Rafah, hostage agreement negotiations, and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Egypt told Israel it would not object to a military offensive on Rafah as long as it ensured it avoided casualties among Palestinian civilians living in the area. Likewise, Cairo reportedly informed Hamas that it has about two weeks to accept an agreement with Israel before Israel advances toward Rafah. wall street journal. In an interview with US media, Netanyahu reiterated that for his government, military progress in Rafah is the key to ending Hamas’s mission.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galante assured that Hamas intelligence captured by Gaza forces was an important factor in promoting the agreement to release the hostages.

A Palestinian attempted to stab a border guard officer in Jerusalem’s Old City. No one was injured in the incident and the attacker was subdued at the scene.

Two Arabs from northern Israel have been detained and charged on suspicion of contacting Hamas and providing it with intelligence on rocket attacks and seeking to recruit more personnel.

IDF reveals a Palestinian journalist working for the network in Gaza Al Jazeera He is the commander of Hamas’s military wing. Israeli military authorities said they made the discovery when intelligence emerged about the man, identified as Mohammed Washa, in northern Gaza.

UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese claimed in her criticism of President Emmanuel Macron that the October 7 attack by Hamas was what she called an Israeli attack oppression of Palestinians, but she has found herself embroiled in controversy and denies that it has anything to do with Israeli repression. Related to anti-Semitism. Israel’s foreign minister condemned Albanese’s comments and called on the United Nations to remove her from office.

After Moody’s downgraded its credit rating, Bank of Israel Governor Amir Ya’alon urged the Israeli government to address the economic problems identified by the agency to restore confidence in the market and rating companies.

News and script selections: Germán Gómez

Voiced and produced by: Alex Valle

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