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Emma Corrin is the lifelong interpreter of “Lady”: by Lady Di, whom she embodies magnificently in the Netflix series The Crown, to Lady Chatterley, an emblematic role of erotic fiction at the heart of the sulphurous eponymous film – also broadcast on Netflix. But the star also has a taste for the splits that hurt.

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The proof: we will find Corrin in one of the most anticipated comic book projects of the moment, Deadpool 3. The conclusion of a trilogy whose trashy irreverence, (d)astonishing in the polished universe of superheroes on screen, is reminiscent of the bloody films of Matthew Vaughn – Kick Ass, Kingsman. Far from the cliché of the damsel in distress, Corrin will interpret there… a real bad girl!

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I’m really excited to play a villain. I’ve never done this, I was itching to try“, moreover, rejoiced the interpreter with Empire. The only concern with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and comics in general? The star … knows nothing about it!

I’m not a Marvel fan

In any case, it is the interpreter who says so. “I mostly saw Black Panther and Spider-Man“, developed Corrin in the pages of Empire. “I admit it, I’m not a fan of Marvel… I’m going to have to debrief on that! It’s such a complex world! There’s so many things in there, all these easter eggs, the fact that this character is linked to this character who ‘did that’, and this character who came back, and this character who died… it’s It’s incredible“.

Far from being a ComicCon nerd, the star is just looking for a good synthetic summary to capture everything. Even if it means collecting post it notes on a cork board, as in Zodiac. However, seeing Emma Corrin tumble into the universe of the most politically incorrect of vigilantes could be the real good idea of ​​the franchise. A risk-taking for Corrin, an opportunity for the trilogy: misusing a face familiar to the public while giving visibility to non-binary artists. Indeed, Emma Corrin is one of Hollywood’s few non-binary stars. That is to say, who does not identify with either the masculine gender or the feminine gender, and requires that we use “iel” as a gender pronoun.

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I find the Marvel Universe very complex, but I really understand why it means so much to so many people. This universe is phenomenal, and I’m really lucky to be a part of it, especially when it comes to Deadpool, because I love that this character constantly criticizes his own world.“, continued the star.

Other great news: this third opus will mark the unexpected comeback of Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine, the most angry of the X-Men. From the movie Logan, we had not seen the icon again. He will rub shoulders, apart from Corrin, Ryan Reynolds of course, but also Jennifer Garner, finding the costume of Elektra, and this almost 20 years after his last appearance on the screen. Very, very promising.

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