The Maserati gran turismo: a long and fascinating Italian history

GRAN TURISMO – A little out of habit, a little because fans all over the world have always used it, we hardly notice anymore the fact that the eleven-letter word was invented in our country that ended up identifying an entire category of cars. Coincidence? Certainly not. History books in hand, to affirm that Gran Turismo were born in Italy there is no risk of being “trapped” in any dispute over the maternity of this kind of cars, sporty but also comfortable, ideal for long and very fast travel. It is one of the many points of pride of our automotive industry and culture, often able to trace the path of the aesthetic and technical evolution of the car.

75 YEARS OF GT MASERATI – To remind us, once more, the new one has just arrived from Modena Maserati Granturismo, a berlinetta that best embodies the spirit and values ​​that allowed the great Italian GTs of the past to bring Italian style to the world. The new born under the sign of the Trident is part of a 75-year-old tradition: let’s rediscover it together through the models that have contributed most to creating it, rooting it forever in the collective imagination. What is your favorite?

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