The match between Estudiantes and Union begins

The local side, who lost their last match, want to win back in front of the nation and take the three points. On this visit, we will be fighting to keep the victory, even though we rescued only one unit the day before.

Estudiantes suffered a heavy blow on the final day when they lost 2-1 to Belgrano.

Union scored a point thanks to a one-goal draw with Racing Club.

Referee Leandro Ray Hilfer was chosen to referee the match.

student training today

Strategist Eduardo Dominguez chose a 4-4-2 formation with Mariano Andujar under the three sticks. Behind Ezequiel Orbe, Federico Fernandez, Juan Cruz Guasone and Nicolas Fernandez. Fernando Zuki, Deian Veron, Franco Zapiola and Alexis Castillo in the center. And Matias Godoy and Mauro Mendes as attackers.

Trade union formation today

Meanwhile, manager Cristian González proposed a 4-3-3 tactical scheme with Sebastian Moyano in goal. Federico Vera, Nicolas Paz, Franco Calderon and Claudio Corvalán in the defensive line. Kevin Zenon, Joaquín Moqueira and Enzo Roldán in midfield. Up front Mauro Luna Diale, Jeronimo Domina and Gonzalo Morales.

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