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Sabinas, Koh.- With the insistence that they maintain continuous training that leads them to acquire more knowledge to use in their day to day lives for those who need it most, Sabinas Mayor Diana Haro Martinez presented the third Nursing inaugurated the days. All employees.

Haro Martínez in his speech mentioned that in view of the challenges being faced by the health system across the country amid several epidemiological transitions, social and economic changes, and scientific and technological advances, health workers need to continuously update their knowledge in this important profession. need to. , providing a great example of the spirit of service that nurses embody, the municipal government of Sabinas is convinced that training health sector personnel favors the population and the progress of the municipality and communities.

Being updated, he said, is the best response to the health challenges we face, such as the recent COVID pandemic, reaffirming his firm belief in the benefits of these third days of nursing. “This meeting serves to affirm our gratitude to this association, for your commitment to Sabinance at a time when we need you most, your professionalism, your services and your great work. may find a new light of wisdom to apply in”.

Speakers and topics were: Nursing graduate Jose Angel Moreno Mendez, “Generalities Related to HAI”; Educator Leticia Isabel Contreras, “Management Certificate of Action Packages for the Prevention of IAAs”; Nursing graduate Nora Estela Sandoval with Dr. Ricardo Federico González, “Nursing Deontology” and “Humanistic Perspective”.

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