The McDonald restaurant in Wągrowiec is already OPEN! The first customers were there after 7.00 am • A window to Wągrowiec

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A popular fast-food chain has been built in Wągrowiec on the beltway, next to the “Mrówka” market.

After a very quick construction, the McDonald’s restaurant opened its headquarters in Wągrowiec today at 7.00 am. The worldwide popular fast-food chain has been built right next to the ring road of Wągrowiec, next to the “Mrówka” DIY store.

According to McDonald’s representatives, the restaurant in Wągrowiec will be open daily from 6.00 until late at night. On the opening day, each customer will get a free can of Coca Cola for each transaction.

Let us remind you that this is not the end of investments in this place. As we have already informed, a shopping mall will also be built there – the “Karuzela” chain of stores. This construction has already started there. Both facilities will work together, because the popular “Mac” will stand in a central point, surrounded by a shopping mall.

Importantly, the construction of restaurants and a shopping mall also changed the organization of traffic in that area. It has been arranged in such a way that the exit from the restaurant and gallery is convenient and does not interfere with the traffic of cars on the beltway.

Photo “McDonald Polska” promotional materials

Rakoczy condolences
Rakoczy condolences

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