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Great movie “Snow Club” The Netflix production has captivated audiences virtually all over the world, not only for its shocking depiction of the tragedy in the Andes (a true event), but also for its nuanced portrayal of the reality of people’s health conditions. survivor.among many Scenes Shockingly, a special mystery emerged that attracted people’s attention audience: this black urine of main character.

There is a very interesting scientific explanation behind this phenomenon, given by medical students is called Danny Palma through social media.parma advice dark urine May be with rhabdomyolysisa disorder derived from decomposition muscle tissue Release substances harmful to human body kidney. How did we get to this point?

Explain it and pay attention!

lack food leads to survivor practise cannibalism,by Body his late friend, and the scarce drinking water force them to rely on glacial melting.These extreme conditions may trigger the release Myoglobina molecule containing iron, when combined with urine stained it Dark tones.

But there’s more.Parma also pointed out dehydration as another key factor.Only with Snow When drinking, the process of melting and consuming this important resource is slow and difficult, resulting in insufficient intake liquid.This in turn affects the color Urine; The less you drink, the more concentrated the wine will be, and the color may become darker due to the higher concentration of yellow pigments.

This phenomenon doesn’t only occur in the extreme situations depicted in movies.dark color Urine May be related to various Health status.Exceed rhabdomyolysisothers liver pathology and kidney, Infect urinary tract, Bleedingaffim drug even intake specific food Can affect color Urine.

It is important to understand Urine as an important indicator of health Metabolism and renal.this metabolic regulation It is the process by which the body manages and uses vitality efficient. Under normal conditions, Urine It has a yellow tint due to the following pigments: Urobilinthe result of decomposition red blood cells.

Rhabdomyolysis phenomenon.

this dehydrationis a key aspect of “Snow Society” that can significantly influence metabolic regulation.When the body lacks enough waterthis kidney save liquid and increase concentration Urine to avoid losses water additional.This process can lead to Urine The color is darker and more concentrated.

this rhabdomyolysisOn the other hand, it shows how extreme conditions Can trigger events Metabolism harmful.breakup muscle tissueanyone trauma, freezing even as reserves are depleted hungercan be released Myoglobin inside Blood,have negative impacts kidney and cause black urine.

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