The medalist from Tokyo reacts to the results of the Sports Champions Gala. “Many people are asking”

For the third time in his career, Robert Lewandowski was chosen the best athlete of the year in a poll organized by “Przegląd Sportowy”. The captain of the Polish football team overtook the Olympic gold medalist in the hammer throw Anita Włodarczyk and the world runner-up in speedway Bartosz Zmarzlik.

Anita Włodarczyk and Robert Lewandowski“Shame”. Paweł Fajdek could not stand it after the gala of sports champions

Such voting results did not appeal to, inter alia, Paweł Fajdek. The Polish hammerhead wrote on Twitter that the results of the plebiscite were “a shame”. He developed his thought in a letter sent to Fajdek writes there that the top places should be won by Olympic gold medals, another silver medalists, and the last place should be taken by the athlete who brought the bronze. He added that Lewandowski should be outside the top ten, and Zmarzlik even beyond the twenty.

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– It is impossible to reconcile them all, but you cannot consciously harm athletes who have no influence on what is happening behind the scenes. Instead of being happy that Polish sport is developing and we are winning more and more titles and medals, we are killing specific disciplines with such decisions. I have been involved in professional sport for over 20 years, since I can remember I have been a football, volleyball, athletics, biathlon or ski jumping fan and as a fan I am simply ashamed of what has been going on in this poll for many years – wrote Fajdek.

The silver medalist defends the result of the plebiscite. “Decisively”

Not all Olympic medalists share Fajdek’s view. On Instagram, the Polish rowing machine Agnieszka Kobus-Zawojska expressed her opinion, who together with Maria Springwald, Marta Wieliczko and Katarzyna Zillmann won silver in rowing.

– A lot of people also ask me what I think. In my opinion, Robert Lewandowski is undoubtedly the best Polish athlete. It is an international “brand” promoting Polish sport around the world. We may or may not like football, but let’s look at the mass of this sport in Poland, let alone in the world. I am glad that I had the opportunity to exchange a few words with the master – wrote Kobus-Zawojska.

Paweł Fajdek and Robert LewandowskiFajdek thunders: Lewandowski should not be in the TOP 10! “I’m ashamed”

Kobus-Zawojska also revealed her types on the podium of the plebiscite. She was only wrong on the third place. There she saw Wojciech Nowicki, who won Olympic gold in the hammer throw. – Remember, we may also have different opinions, but you have to respect the choices of others. This is the choice of the readers of “Przegląd”, not just one person – added the rowing machine. She and her friends took eighth place in the poll.

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