The medical school will open in 2024, contributing to the overall health of the southern macro-region

After three years of work on an academic project, a medical degree at the Universidad Católica de Temuco (UCT) will open in 2024 to benefit communities in southern Chile.

This academic program is one of the most important programs run by UCT, which has been in existence for 64 years and has nearly 13,000 students.

Among the courses offered in 2024, the campus offers 46 undergraduate courses, bachelor’s degrees in sciences and humanities and a common program in civil engineering (courses leading to civil engineering: geology, environment, industry and civil engineering).

In the specific case of medicine, the focus is on training physicians who specialize in family, community and intercultural health, i.e. in line with the needs and requirements of the region.

It should be noted that, to this day, medicine is taught in the southern part of the South (a region with extensive rural areas) only in the cities of Temuco, Valdivia, Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas.

“The training of doctors is very complex and requires significant investment from the university. We embrace this new offer in medicine with a very solid project,” said Aliro Bórquez, rector of the university.

The academic authority pointed out that UCT’s training profile is marked by its characteristics as a Catholic, humanist and Christian university, a stamp that will be present in the close and faithful training of 60 students starting in March, as “a human touch” “Health is also “humanized doctor training.”

Partnering with the University of California

Through its commitment to academic authority, the medical program has the direct contribution and advice of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, with the institutions signing a collaboration agreement last August.

“UCT’s different courses have improved in quality and relevance. It is a great university and we take on many tasks together and we are well prepared when we learn about this development in medicine. Our careers We are about to celebrate a century of history, and we have a large medical network, strong undergraduate and graduate training, and many international connections, so we are very excited to work together,” said UC President Dr. Ignacio Sanchez.

Chancellor Bórquez spoke highly of the deployment and joint work, highlighting in particular the collaborative mission with the University of California’s prestigious Center for Medical Education and Health Sciences, including technical advice on the installation of the academic project and the design of formative signage. . The seal of a future professional.

“We want them to be not only good professionals, but also good people,” Bocks stressed. “This is an aspect that deserves great attention, and this is reflected very much in the professional profile of the new doctor who will form the Catholic University of Temuco.” clear definition.”


The new academic proposals are accompanied by significant investment in the infrastructure of the Temuco University community. This exceeds US$14 million and will achieve the highest quality standards during implementation. This investment includes the construction of a modern clinical simulation hospital that will be available to all courses in the School of Health Sciences, contributing innovation, technology and disciplinary stability to their training. The property will house clinical laboratories, simulation and clinical skills rooms, as well as its own learning spaces for student development.

In addition, a modern teaching building called the “Teaching Pavilion” was built near the San Francisco campus. Box said the work will be constructed entirely from laminated timber, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and innovation.

“We have decided to move forward and become an increasingly sustainable university. We want to achieve a zero carbon footprint, and the teaching pavilion, made entirely of wood, is a symbol of this. It will be a new center for Temuco and southern Chile. Contribution and example. This is our commitment to climate change,” explained Rector Box.

At the same time, UCT also opened the TEC-UCT Technical College, whose goal is to cultivate university technicians with a solid moral foundation, respect and value for environmental diversity, and who can make significant contributions to development. territorial and social.
TEC-UCT will teach five technical university courses: Early Childhood Education and Basic Level 1; Electricity and Energy Efficiency; Management and Administration of Companies; Computing; and Sustainable Agricultural Production.
Rector Bórquez Ramírez confirmed that all alternatives are free and come with the same benefits as any UCT student.

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