The Meta company showed a prototype of its VR glove, which will deceive our sense of touch

Works on metaverse are going full steam ahead. Today, the Meta company boasted the latest prototype of a glove that will allow us to feel and touch objects in virtual reality.

The haptic Meta glove will be a much more advanced tool for handling VR compared to the currently offered controllers known from the Vive or Oculus goggles. Thanks to the use of haptics, the user of the glove will be able to feel the resistance of virtual objects, and even – if you believe the assurances of Meta’s research department – feel their structure.

The glove created by Meta Reality Labs is equipped with 15 air cushions, called actuators. They are supposed to deceive our sense of touch – the moment we take a virtual object in our hand, the actuators will begin to fill with air, thus simulating the resistance of the matter of the object held in our hand. Meta ensures that the technology of the actuators they have developed is so accurate that the user is able to recognize the material from which a virtual object is made only by touch.

– In the VR goggles I was looking at the ceramic plate and I was running my finger over its surface, clearly feeling the characteristic, rough texture of the ceramics. Coupled with the right vibration and sound, it just felt like I was touching the platter, says Michael Abrash, head of Meta Reality Labs.

The final version of the glove, which is ultimately to be mass-produced, is to have many more built-in actuators. How much? It is not known. For now, representatives of Meta talk about hundreds or even thousands of air bags placed in a single glove. Increasing the density of actuators will, of course, allow a much richer tactile experience – when stroking a virtual dog in a prototype glove, we will feel that we are stroking it, but we will not be able to say anything about its fur.

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The idea of ​​using haptics to simulate touch in virtual reality is not new. However, so far no one has managed to create such a precise controller as Meta Reality Labs plans. Let’s hope that thanks to the latest miniaturization technologies, the makers of the glove will actually be able to create a controller that is so precise that 100 percent. it will deceive our sense of touch and thus transfer our next sense to virtual reality. Meta Reality Labs representatives also announce that the final version of their glove will be completely wireless.

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