The metanautist converted to electric, in spite of himself

The BMW i3 range extender: double engine: electric and petrol (reserve to power the electric).
The metanautist converted to electric, in spite of himself. In July we had published the outburst of Lorenzo, who was furious about the increases in gas per car. Now he has become… electutist, with a Renault Zoe and a BMW i3 range extender.

the converted metanautistThe converted metanautist: “Now I drive a Renault Zoe and a BMW i3, but …”

“Me I was waiting for an answer more articulated than what you gave me. That is, Putin was not thinking of raising the price of gas for metanautists when he unleashed the invasion of Ukraine. Something more in-depth. Type a hypothesis of an answer to why the government immediately ran for cover to control diesel and petrolwhich pollute, and left quadruple the price of methane. My thesis was simple: the government did not intervene knowing that metanautisti are the first they become electricians without too much effort. Letting an entire sector go down the drain. Especially for heavy vehicles: the liquid methanewith its 1,000 km of autonomy on articulated lorries, it would have become a valid one alternative to diesel. Having said that, I am a metanautist who became an electrician by necessity, but I would have become one anyway, maybe more gradually. Almost 40 thousand km in less than a year with a Zoe of 2013 and the battery did not lose a km. And 15,000 km with the BMW i3 REX in 4 months and no disservice (even for trips of almost 300 km, using 6-7 euros of petrol)“. Lorenzo Cassani

the converted metanautistThe government did, but chasing prices was impossible

Reply. It is not true that the government did not run for cover for methane: it did what they asked associationshow Assogasmetanostarting with the VAT cut 22 to 5%. Which is no small thing. But then the surge in prices (unlike petrol and diesel) took a pace that made it impossible to pursue it with calming measures. And then there is a reality to deal with: cars diesel-petrol I’m over 35 millionthose with methane a scarce million. It is logical that we look more carefully at the former than at the latter. Having said that, we reiterate that we are in solidarity with those who have bought a gas car thinking they are thrifty either in expenses both in the emissions. And he went to meet an undeserved one colossal rip-off. We close with a question: how did you manage to grind so many miles with an old Zoe? And with a BMW range extender, with a small petrol scooter and a rather modest battery?

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