The metropolis signs the definitive abandonment of its Heron Tree

It’s NO – Abandoned a year ago, the ambitious project hoped to relaunch thanks to private funds. The president of Nantes Métropole Johanna Rolland announces that she rejects this new version

His fate seems definitively sealed. The Heron Tree will not see the light of day in Nantes. This was announced Thursday evening by the president of Nantes Métropole Johanna Rolland (PS) to all those involved who still hoped to see this 35 meter high metal structure one day rise in the Nantes sky. However, for a year, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Nantes-Saint-Nazaire had indeed worked, successfully we learned, on an exclusively private financing solution.

An approach initiated after Johanna Rolland had chosen to abandon the project (long-criticized by the Nantes right, the elected environmentalists of the majority, and part of the population), in particular for budgetary reasons: the estimated cost had passed from 35 million euros to 52.4 million euros and the latest estimates, taking into account the surge in raw material costs, placed it at around 80 million euros. “Awareness of the climate emergency” also played a role.

Legal and security obstacles

“The project group bringing together all the necessary expertise demonstrated the economic feasibility of the project, thanks to an arrangement based on a co(…) Read more on 20minutes

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