The miner and his child at the basketball game: the photo moves the US

A man in dusty clothes in the stands next to a blond child. And the two intent on watching a college basketball game in the US. In the last weekeend i Wilcats of Kentucky Universitytrained as a coach John Calipariusually staged in the NCAA championship in Lexington, they had to travel about 200km to nearby Pikeville to play a charity match, the annual family challenge between Blue and White, moved this year to the Appalachian Wireless Arena to collect funds to help the people of eastern Kentucky, hit by the floods last summer.

The viral photo of the miner and his son in the stands in Pikeville

The viral photo of the miner and his son in the stands in Pikeville

The man in the stands was a miner, the blond boy was his son. The tired-looking man, his clothes still smeared with coal, had just emerged from the earth after a normal day’s work in the mine. The story went viral thanks to a Facebook post by Calipari himself: “My family’s American dream started in a coal mine in Clarksburg, West Virginia, so this photo is the stuff of home. From what it was to me. said, after his shift this man ran to come and watch our team with his son. I don’t know who he is, but I have tickets for him and his family to the Rupp Arena to be treated like a VIP! ” The man was quickly identified thanks to the help of social media. It was his wife Mollie who first named him, Micheal McGuire, a worker from the Pikeville coal mines. “Either I went straight there or I skipped half a game to go home to take a shower and all,” the man explained.

When coach Calipari shared the photo on Facebook, McGuire was working in the mine. It was only a few hours later that he found out: “When I went out and learned it on my way home, I couldn’t believe it was true.”

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