The minimal chic French make-up of the stars at the Paris fashion shows

The minimal chic French make-up of the stars in FROW

At the Paris fashion shows, on the occasion of the Fashion Week in which designers present their spring-summer 2023 collections, natural beauty is on stage. To give us confirmation there are Jessica Bielbeautiful in a glam look combined with a slightly wet effect chignon, Carla Brunidivine with broken waves, Emma Robertswith flawless skin, and many others.

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The stars thus bring to the stage a natural beauty, the authentic and effortless one that real Parisians have been teaching us for some time with their French make-up. The famous skin without filterswho is not afraid to show the beauty of wrinkles or a little tiredness given by the dark circles in sight (after all, it is the French who have taught us that too much concealer around the eyes makes the shape of the face lose dimension), thus shows a beauty authentic look, winning compared to artifact and pyrotechnic make-up, especially in these sultry days of early summer. In short, naturalness is a symbol of charmtoday more than ever, thanks to a skin that is not too elaborate or built, which highlights the natural brightness of the complexion, thanks to a veil of CC cream or transparent foundation, mixed with a drop of highlighter, to illuminate, and a veil of mascara on the lashes, to open the eyes. No lipstickat most a hint of the right color tapped on the fly before leaving the house and with the fingertips, to make the mouth as if kissed by dew, et voilà, celebrities are ready to attend the coolest fashion shows of the Parisian kermesse, scheduled until June 26th.

Jessica Biel from Louis Vuitton

Pascal Le segretain / Getty Images

Stella Maxwell from Montblanc

Pierre Suu / Getty Images

Their teaching? That a healthy and cared for skin, free of imperfections, is our best luxury. But to get it there is no trick that takes care of it, you have to take care of it at home, on a daily basis, opting for the ingredients our skin needs, to appear with a luxury complexion, without filters, in public. In short, the goal is to create a simple leather but with the right details to emphasize it to the fullest. Being a Parisian woman, you well know, it is above all a state of mind, which includes wearing make-up with discretion, which is not synonymous with leaving the house without make-up. To imitate them instantly.

The essentials of the beauty case for a French style make-up

  • Finding the performing face cream for your skin.
  • Learn to massage the face, with the help of a tool or a gua sha, before applying make-up.
  • A CC Cream or a transparent foundation, bare skin effect, to be used all over the skin, even in place of the corrector for dark circles.
  • A tip of highlighter on the cheekbones and cupid’s bow.
  • A quick tap with your fingers on the lips of your favorite lip balm or lipstick.
  • A mascara that does not create lumps, natural lash effect, to open the eyes.

Jeanne Damas from AMI Paris

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Getty Images

Carla Bruni from AMI Paris

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Getty Images

Dree Hemingway from Montblanc

Isa Foltin / Getty Images

Shanina Shaik from Givenchy

Jeremy Moeller / Getty Images

Emma Roberts from Montblanc

Pierre Suu / Getty Images

Naomi Campbell from AMI Paris

Peter White / Getty Images

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