The MIR exam will admit more than 1,700 candidates on January 20 in Seville

More 1,700 professionals People from different health and science departments will take part Mir Such tests are carried out at the venue in Seville. This was announced by the Ministry of Health in a statement on Thursday. Among these participants, More than half are for medicine they try to get one of these 11,607 locations Providing professional health training nationwide.

The exam will be Saturday, January 20.The exercise is about to begin 16:00, although a call to participants will be made one hour prior to the conference call. As for Seville, according to the ministry, the number of applicants reached 1,731, the same as last year.As in previous editions, the Seville venue for these tests will be School of Economics and Business and correct from the University of Seville (USA). In Andalusia, in addition to the city of Seville, the exam will also be held in the cities of Cádiz (617 applicants), Granada (1,409 applicants) and Malaga (974 applicants) .

This is one of the extraordinary appointments for those who practice this practice. Average preparation time is typically two years, based on the testimonies of previous candidates. In the case of medicine, for example, the faculty starts approaching students at the end of the fifth year (the degree lasts six years). In addition to students graduating with this degree, students from psychology, nursing, pharmacy, physics, chemistry and biology participated.

No mobile phone

For security reasons, During the exam period, photography is not allowed in the venue.. The ministry will be responsible for providing the images.In a classroom set up for testing Cell phones and headphones are prohibited. (wired or wireless).

This type of testing is crucial when the public administration itself admits that there is a shortage of health professionals, which is why, in addition to Hispalense, the Medical Degree of Seville has also begun teaching this course at Loyola and will Doing so in 2025 at the future Central European University Fernando III.

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