The model who attended the Champions League final naked: she’s a Boca fan and revealed who her favorite player is

The 2019 Champions League final changed Kinsey Wolanski’s life.The model interrupted the meeting between the two. liverpool and tottenham To promote my former partner’s YouTube channel. After achieving her goal and becoming famous in her social network, her life took a different direction and she stopped attending naked sporting events to devote herself to her profession. I did. That’s why he used his vacation to tour Patagonia, cheer on the Argentina national team and reveal that he is a Boca fan.

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After trying to break into other events, such as the 2019 Copa America final, she decided to drop everything and focus on her career as an interior designer, get a helicopter pilot’s license and travel around the world. did. One of those destinations was Argentina, where he posed wearing an Argentina national team shirt with three stars on it.

Kinsey Wolanski visited Argentina wearing a national team shirt.  (Photo: Captured on Instagram @kinsey).

Kinsey Wolanski visited Argentina wearing a national team shirt. (Photo: Captured on Instagram @kinsey).

“I went to Patagonia. I previously visited Buenos Aires to practice my Spanish and explore the city a bit. I bought a national team shirt there. “I love Argentina and I love Lionel Messi.”In an interview he said: Ole. And he revealed that he hopes to meet Leo at the Inter Miami game.

But what’s surprising is that when they asked her if she pays attention to Argentine football, she answered: My team is Boca Juniors and my favorite player is Dario Benedetto”. Similarly, it is not the first link the model has with the blue and yellow club.

After breaking into the Champions League final and going viral, this account @zequiel79, It features making several videos that make fun of things that happen in football, compile images from games, and post Kinsey’s runs. In doing so, he edited Gonzalo Martínez’s goal in the 2018 Copa Libertadores final between Boca and River, removing the player from Millonario and replacing him with an influencer.. Instead of getting angry, Wolanski posted the video on his social networks.

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Kinsey Wolanski

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