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In season 3 from The Morning Show the actor will also play Jon Hamm and protagonist Reese Witherspoon has revealed new details of the character who has been entrusted to the Mad Men star.

The actress and producer said:

I got a lot of calls from my friends when they announced Jon Hamm, he’s the greatest. And that’s such a good part. You will have the whole Hamm. Wait, he didn’t sound right.

Reese added:

This is a very complex character. Paul is a media mogul and he stands up to Billy Crudup, which I think is the funniest part because Billy can dominate a scene like I’ve never seen anyone do, and Hamm comes along and gives it great value. This is Alien vs Predator.

The series, which also stars Jennifer Aniston, tells the story of those who work to create an information television show that airs in the morning.
Also in the cast are Julianna Margulies, Marica Gay Harden.

At the end of the second season, the relationship between Cory and Bradley changed after an unexpected declaration. Witherspoon revealed that Season 3 is going to be very interesting as far as this is concerned:

I think they have some confidence. I think things might have happened. I almost don’t know, I always ask the screenwriter ‘Did something happen between them?’, And she replies ‘Hmmm something could have happened’. The third season is going to be really interesting.

In the second season the issue of cancel culture was also addressed and Witherspoon added:

At the end of this season pretty much everyone was canceled. So there was a real moratorium, ‘Can you wipe out a human? We are all just human. ‘ There was that great scene with Marcia Gay where I was like, ‘I think if people take responsibility for what they have done they have to give them some grace. We have to start being kinder to each other, you know? Instead of getting rid of human beings categorically because they are fallible ‘.

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