The Morning Show season 2 premieres today! Jennifer Aniston returns to the screens

At last. This is the best word to describe the months of anticipation for the second season of The Morning Show. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon return in some of their best roles. The series is available from today on the Apple TV + platform.

If you haven’t watched The Morning Show yet, you definitely need to catch up. The production tells about the behind-the-scenes work of breakfast television. The technical curiosities of running such a program, as well as behind-the-scenes games between the creators of the show are perfectly intertwined.

The Morning Show season 2 is now on Apple TV +

We had to wait a bit for the second season of the hit production from Apple. All of course because of the raging pandemic, which caused slippage everywhere. The Morning Show season 2 is available on Apple TV +. If you do not have access, it is worth taking advantage of the promotion offered by Apple. If you do not have Apple devices, you will get full access to the service free for 7 days. Later – if you decide to continue using the website – the cost is PLN 24.99 per month.

However, owners of Apple devices are better off. If you have any gear with the apple bite logo, you’ll get access to Apple TV + free for three months. An even better option is to take advantage of the bundle of services offered by Apple. It’s about Apple One, of course.

Apple One – Apple service package

apple one

And here we come to the Apple-style paradox. When buying an Apple One package, we pay … PLN 24.99 per month and we have access to:

  • Apple TV +
  • Apple Music
  • Apple Arcade
  • additionally: 50 GB of iCloud space

We are talking about the basic package. The “family” package looks even more interesting. There, for the amount of PLN 39.99 per month, we get what is above, but 200 GB of space in iCloud. Additionally – and most importantly – this service can be shared with loved ones (up to 5 people). Where’s the catch? So far, there are no such, which is strange.

The Morning Show season 2 is now available in the site’s library. I encourage you to have a look!

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